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  • twathey twathey Nov 4, 1999 11:05 AM Flag

    Notice how it gets quiet

    when the stock rises a few points.

    That's nervousness and indecision - should i cover? should i hold and see if it goes back down?


    I want a squeeze at 150!!

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    • and yeah it was my man' the you work
      at Gruntal, good firm.

      I tried to catch you
      with the continuing education...but as you and I were Grand Fathered in...Cheers

      The Batman
      is a perpetual Bull...gotta love em'...happy trading

      Big squeeze coming...


    • Since its formation on September 20, the eBay
      Shorting Consortium (ESC) has had a powerful influence
      upon the eBay posting community. Not surprisingly,
      eBay poster bashers rely on ESC for shorting advice.
      Many posters complained to me recently, however,
      saying that ESC's response to their e-mail inquiries
      were either exceedingly slow or nonexistent.

      relayed these comments to oneflawedtrader, head of ESC's
      trading strategies department, who had this to

      "First of all, I can say that we think that eBay is a
      good short at any price. Look at us! We shorted ONE
      share of eBay at 138-1/8 and we are sitting pretty
      right now."

      "As for the e-mails, we only
      respond to e-mails on Friday mornings between 00:00 PDT
      and 04:00 PDT."

      "Why?" I asked.

      takes its system down for its weekly scheduled
      maintenance during those hours and its system is then
      unavailable. As you know, we spend much time roaming the
      message board bashing eBay. Well, off the record, I can
      tell you that when we are not bashing eBay, we are AT
      eBay bidding and selling like everybody else. Hey,
      we're only human. But, don't let that get

      I assured oneflawedtrader that I would use an old
      journalist trick to preserve confidentiality.

    • is a big fat pig. It fits that he works for GRUNTal.

    • First of all,brokers are exempt from continuing
      education if they have been in the business over 10 years
      so i couldn't tell you about how hard the test is. I
      am an NASD principal,options principal etc. I ran my
      own firm for 4 years 15 years ago.Short sellers CAN
      be forced to buy in if the stock is called in by the
      broker on the other side of the trade.This is a RARE
      occurence but it does happen from time to time.

    • Are you aware that a "short seller" can be made
      to cover his/her SHORT when the clearing house tells
      them to...may-be you can elaborate on that for us, and
      tell us in what situation that can

      Also did you take the mandatory "continuing education
      exam" this year hard is the've
      been a broker 35 years right


    • Great guess!!!It Batapaglia..Now teakeboy knows & i guess he wasnt paying attention.

    • Of course i know the risk of short selling.I have
      lots of clients that short stocks.How do you know i
      didn't short EBAY? I gave you a great clue as to who i
      work for,but i guess you didnt watch squawk box this
      morning.The risks of short selling is the stock goes up & you
      lose your shirt, unless of course you put a stop on
      it.In the case of EBAY it has to be a mental stop.

    • all morning. By the way, I think that this is a great short also if it can break through the lower end of its trading range.

    • I keep CNBC on all morning and afternoon and also
      for market wrap in the evening, so if you say your
      head analyst was on this morning, it could have been
      any-one.I didn't think brokers would be so embarrased where
      they work???

      You say that "YOU WOULD HAVE MADE
      10 POINTS SHORT"...what does" would have mean

      You say what a GREAT SHORT it is...however you don't
      play your own money...oh' you are just another TALKING

      As a broker are you aware of the "risks" of SHORT
      SELLING".If so please tell me...

      I don't think you are
      a broker...tell me the firm in Conn. you work


    • Right,This market is overbought & one big
      speculative bubble. I have been a broker for 35 years in
      Connecticut.I posted on Tues. when ebay was 140 & i would have
      made 10 points SHORT in the last few days.It went up
      today when some slock brokerage house made it a strong
      buy.As far as what firm i work for i will leave that
      question alone.All i can tell you is our head analyst was
      the guest host on CNBC this morning & he is in your

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