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  • bransonresearch bransonresearch May 5, 2014 6:35 PM Flag

    Why “AOS” Will Explode Marathon Revenues

    Toxic wastewater from oil sands and fracking is greatly restraining production of oil and is impeding revenues of Marathon.

    The University of Alberta, a leader in wastewater technology, announced a BREAKTHROUGH COST-EFFECTIVE SOLUTION to decontaminate toxic wastewater from oil sands. 

The University recently built a bench-lab model that validated the technology and performed exactly as predicted by purifying the wastewater with very little energy. Contaminants were dismantled and the wastewater was made clean and safe using the AOS system.

    BioLargo (BLGO) owns “AOS” that is the key to abundant oil sands and fracking and will deliver what every oil producer is looking for . . . a cheap way to clean the ALL wastewater from fracking and oil sands recovery.

    The University is building a commercial sized pilot unit that is expected to be completed in 6 months

The first pilot study will use an 4” pipe and can be scaled to ANY size pipe and stacked for enormous flow rates.

    Once news hits that the pilot study is successful AGAIN, BioLargo shares will advance to record highs because toxic wastewater is the single biggest problem in the trillion-dollar oil and gas industry.

    BioLargo shares are already advancing and have recently traded as high as $1.24.

    “AOS” also holds promise to cost-effectively treat contaminated water all around the planet to water that is safe for drinking.

    BioLargo can easily become one of the best performing stocks in any portfolio.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Same spam post on multiple oil company message boards.

    • The alternative to “AOS” is EXCELYTE™. The marketing effort of Integrated Environmental Technologies, Ltd. (OTCBB: IEVM) continues in using Excelyte™ for down-hole well maintenance of natural gas wells. Uinta Basin in Utah is the target because the Gas play has H2S. Excelyte acts as a hydrogen sulfide scavenger and as a biocide that kills sulfur-reducing bacteria, which are known to produce hydrogen sulfide. The company has successfully treated two wells, reducing the amount of hydrogen sulfide in each of the producing wells to a level significantly better than accepted industry standards for safe well operations. My experience in drilling wells with potential H2S is that 3 PPM is at most acceptable. IEVM is expected to continue treating those two wells, as well as commencing treatment on approximately 150 other gas producing wells that the customer operates in the Uinta Basin.
      Using Texas drilling water usage, in the Eagle Ford Shale formation, an estimated average of about 4.5 million gallons of water usage per fracking well. For every one million gallons of water used in fracking drilling operations, we only need to add about 5,000 gallons of Excelyte™ to treat at 2.5ppm. Adding Excelyte™ represents 22,500 USG per Uinta Basin well, potentially 2,250,000 USG for 150 Uinta Basin wells. 1 gallon Excelyte™ retails at $20. Using a wholesale price of $5.00, (Just guessing) the potential gross market is for the Uinta Basin $16,875,000. I am bullish on IEVM.
      What is Excelyte®: The key active ingredient in Excelyte® is hypochlorous acid, a naturally occurring molecule specifically synthesized from an electrolyzed saline solution. It is pH neutral and considerably more effective than bleach. When Excelyte® degrades over time, it turns to salt and water which leaves no ecological footprint. It is made from natural elements and is safe to handle and transport. It is a cost effective alternative to other chemicals currently used such as glutaraldehyde and bleach.

    • AOS also solves the alarming 1,4 dioxane toxin that threatens almost every municipal drinking water supply and agricultural water supplies.

      1,4 Dioxane levels are not only rising to alarmingly high levels in many of our municipal water supplies, but the number of municipal water systems affected is rising at a rapid rate also.

      1,4 Dioxane is a carcinogenic and causes damage to the kidneys and liver. 1,4 Dioxane comes from a large number of commonly produced substances that are gradually finding their way in to our drinking water systems.

      Studies at the University of Alberta have proven AOS to be the ONLY technology capable of cost-effectively removing or dismantling 1,4 Dioxane.

      BioLargo shares will rise to record highs because AOS is incredibly valuable technology that is fast proving to protect one of the world’s most precious resources that we cannot live without . . . WATER!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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