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  • STASHDACASH STASHDACASH Apr 20, 2000 7:42 AM Flag


    On CNBC>>two downgrades announced. Not good, we may take a hit today

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    • Dear Wpeoples2:

      We are waiting for your report on the annual meeting held April 25th.

      Please advise.



    • As a follow up to message #1317; I expect to read
      Wednesday's WALL STREET JOURNAL that a shareholder asked a
      number of tough questions.

      We voted you as our
      point man and good luck on your mission.

      forget we want the scoop.


    • It's going to go up. From today at $24+- to at
      the least $30 by the end of the year. That will be
      25% in 8 months. The way the market is acting now
      there are alot of people who will take that. Plus it's
      so much safer than alot of other stocks. The upside
      is so much larger than the down....Of course this is
      just my opinion. Everyone who is selling here, I'm
      buying all I can, I hope it stays here for a little
      while longer so I can get some more of this cheap
      stock........I need to get just a little more so that when it
      pops and CC sells(opp's restructures) all the domestic
      production, I will be able to tee it up 7 days a week!

    • With a PE of 9.0, MRO's got to go up, does it not? What other integrated oil has such a low PE?

    • buy at 22 range, Raytheon 18 -17 range, again
      I'am only going for a fews upward points and then
      sell, and wait again to repeat the cycle.

      As for
      MDR, it has one negative, is with their B&W company,
      sales close to 2 billion, very little debt and assets
      of 2 billion, voluntary filed for Bankruptcy (to
      settle a procedure in asbestos lawsuits claims), during
      the past 17 years B&W has settle 320,000 claims using
      1.3 billion dollars insurance+payment (Never been in
      court), now there is 42,000 cases and 1 billion insurance
      money left. The asbestos lawyers want the rest of the
      insurance money plus more, B&W did not create asbestos, the
      asbestos was used as government spec's to build boilers
      used by the Navy ships and in Power Plants, McDermott
      (MDR) on 04/17/2000 won a Temporary Restraining Order
      to sheild their assets in their other companies, at
      the current price of $9.00 does not reflex the value
      of the rest of the company.

      This stock is
      undervalue you can go to MDR Web page to
      get more information.

      J Ray McDermott offshore
      oil construction service is going to lift this stock,
      J Ray in 2001 will bring in revenue of 1,900,000
      million, as oil companies increase production.

      has a backlog of billions in upgrades to power plants
      to clean their air pollution, now being mandated by
      US courts, also MDR is in the Fuel Cell bussiness,
      and nuclear fuel for the Navy.

    • Dear Wpeoples2:

      Promise: that you will ask
      the tough questions and report. Don't let them cut
      you off. Stand up for us little

      Incidentally, I voted my proxy against management: all proxy


    • good strategy. I have had success with Tidewater
      also (TDW). I think I'll take a shot at MRO next
      week....I think it would be safe anywhere around $23 -
      $23.50...what do you think?

      Also, what are your target
      buy/sell points for Conoco and Raytheon?

      And what's
      so attractive about MDR (I made the mistake buying
      FGH on the way down, and I once read a post from
      someone who was switching from FGH to MDR.....maybe I
      should as well).

    • their performance. Here we are in the first Q of
      2000, with the oil business in good shape, a more than
      doubling of the net profit per share from 38 to 81 cents,
      with the knowledge that the street was calling for 66
      cents per share, and MRO comes in 2 cents low. Hell
      give any good accountant 15 cents per share to pay for
      "special items" and I would bet that he could find at
      least 2 more pennies per share to meet the street's
      forecast. Other oil companies usually meet or exceed the
      street's expectations.

      If Usher, cannot make
      sensible financial decisions the whole lot should go, or
      better yet cut MRO loose. I know these people and I'm
      heading to Birmingham for answers.

    • Yes MRO shareholders have voting rights...MRO
      shareholders have approximatley 60% voting rights for the USX
      board. Don't have the exact figures in front of me. But
      the fact is that the situation is set up such that
      MRO shareholders couldn't push a buyout out offer
      without USX BOD agreeing. That is their power. You have a
      staggered board, split voting power between MRO and X, and
      a killer poison pill management protection program.
      Without USX Corp agreeing to a buyout, it doesn't matter
      if 100% of the MRO shareholders voted for it. MRO
      shareholders only have power in that they can effect the BOD
      of USX. But MRO has institutions that will only vote
      as USX recomends. So this avenue is

      A LBO guy could make an all cash offer to USX for
      the total company (MRO&X) and get around the poison
      pill. But reality says this will never happen. USX must
      decide to make shareholder value their primary goal
      before anything happens. Pressure can be applied but
      until USHER reaches retirement age he has no motivation
      to accept a buyout offer.

      But there is always
      hope. Maybe there are member of the board who are
      becoming embarrassed with this situation. Maybe they could
      introduce measures to change the situation. There is always

    • I thought this was the case. That is most
      unfortunate. In short, management is not accountable to
      shareholders. What is the proxy protocol ? Do MRO shareholders
      have any voting rights, if so to what extent ? Thanks

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