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  • LarryMacc LarryMacc Oct 17, 2004 11:16 AM Flag

    Political !!!!!

    The results of the Nov. 2nd election will have an extremely measureable effect on the general market as a whole.

    And of course the general market performance does have an effect on individual stocks, such as biotechs and/or pharmaceuticals.

    Bush wins = Market surges.

    Kerry wins = Market retreats.



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    • this is a message board for seattle genetics, not a political message board for frustated ,angry old men.....

    • <<<<"Hitler was furious with Japan for attacking the U.S. He knew it would be over for them when the Americans got involved. Go read a history book. ">>>>

      Boy oh boy??
      You really missed the point on that one!!!

      Let me explain the truth about the comparison! 95% on Americans were against going to war with Germany. 95%!!!!
      The US just came out of the great depression. Many were suffering from losses caused by WW1. FDR knew he had to go to war even though the country, Congress, ETC., was against it. Sound familiar. Most Americans felt Japans attack did NOT justify going to war with Germany.
      I suggest YOU brush up on your history.

    • "moldytoe-runsullivan, same bored college kid with 2 different screen names."

      You don't have a clue do you?

      NEWS FLASH. IRAQ had nothing to do with Bin Laden or 911. Read a newspaper and stop listening to right wing talk radio.

      Our military is spread to thin. Bush wants to take away their combat pay. Shows you how much he cares about his troops. We need at least another 150,000 troops which we don't have.

      We should pass a law that only Neocons can be drafted.

    • >Germany had nothing to do with Pearl Harbor! <

      Where did you get your education?

      Hitler was furious with Japan for attacking the U.S. He knew it would be over for them when the Americans got involved. Go read a history book.

      Are all Bush supporters dumbed down with neocon revisionist History?

    • <<<<<<<<"By the way. Iraq had nothing to do with 911. The Kool aid drinkers just can't figure it out. Bush must go. ">>>>>>>

      Germany had nothing to do with Pearl Harbor!

    • You know moldy_toe,

      As I walk the streets of downtown Manhattan, I/we see Rappers on every other corner. And people actually put money in their hats for Rapping.

      How the world has changed.


    • moldytoe-runsullivan, same bored college kid with 2 different screen names.

      News flash, Europe especially France has never been behind the US. France wouldn't allow us to fly over there territory during the 91 gulf war. That's just liberal spin!!
      Binladen declared war on the US in 92. Look at the history. The attack on the Cole, The first trade center attack, Us embassy Etc. Each attack got more severe. Next time it may have been nukes!

    • Thanks for the post; your stated your case very elegantly.

      I simply cannot believe that 50% of our country citizens are voting for republicans. Do these people ever read newspapers or travel to other countries to realize how our prestige and power was diluted by the moronic Bush/Cheney team. This has been disastrous for our country; we will reap for these terrible mistakes for years to come. This is an interdependent global economy; the world will isolate US one country at a time- I am seeing it happening already in many global forums. Sure, we have support...from Iraq (the puppet regime we have installed there) and pakistan (a dictatorship harbouring every known terrorists in the world and the leader in nuclear proliferation).

    • Better than Bush forcing me to live in a cardboard box.

    • Moldy
      If I were disabled I too would vote for Kerry since he will immediately cure all that ails us (ie; Chris Reeves would be walking by next year).
      I feel your pain. Thanks for serving your country.

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