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  • embawaves embawaves Nov 28, 2009 6:07 PM Flag

    $1B Market Cap - I dont think so!

    Really dont see SGEN worth a cool $1B market cap at this time....too much risk with SGN-40,,,,,,plus, no news on SGN-35 for another year......$400M - $500M market cap is the appropraite cap at this moment.

    Will be looking to buy once this stock takes a 35% - 50% haircut.


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    • a
      I'm an Xoma shareholder that believes my stock deserves more investor support. I made a verifiable list of facts that suggest the stock is grossly undervalued.

      1. TAE technology. Makes antibodies many times more powerful and removes residual toxicity. Pure cash to bottom line. Made Xoma a profitable bio this year.
      2. Xoma052 best in class for Type II diabetes. Phase II trial expanded to 4 sites.
      3. Xoma052 in Type I Diabetes P2
      4. 052 for Cardio P2.
      5. Xoma3ab for possible 300 to 500 million stockpiling contract.
      6. Partnered multiple drugs with Novartis. HCD122 in phase II. Other undisclosed.
      7. Partnered multiple undisclosed drugs with Merck.
      8. Partnered multiple undisclosed drugs with Takeda.
      9. Interest in undisclosed drugs from more than 50 companies with BCE licenses. Cimzia currently paying royalties.
      10. Xoma is debt free except for 13 million held against interest in HCD122.
      11. Xoma should have between 50 and 60 million in the bank since they had 27 at end of 3rd Q. and got 33 million from licenses in Oct.
      12. Stock is trading at about 1.1 times sales. Peer average is 16.
      13. Gov. contract generating more than 20 million next year.
      14. Gov. contracted Xoma to work on Swine Flu, Bird Flu, and SARS.
      15. Xoma has backlog of contracts with Novartis, Merck and Takeda valued in excess of 500 million.
      16. Xoma just announced a multiple antibody delivery technology that will be generating revenues next year.
      17. Xoma has been hiring VP's and numerous scientists lately.
      18. Analysts have buys on stock with near term price of 2.40
      19. 09 Revenue will be about 120 million which is the current Market Cap.
      20. Hudson Bay bought 12 million shares recently at $1.15 .
      21. Azimuth bought 40 million shares at between 1.25 and .75
      22. Insiders bought shares higher than the current price also.
      23. Opebacan host vs. graft phase II ended last month. Possible radiation sickness use from this data and the burn phase II trial.
      24. Xoma052 RA phase II trial ended in Nov.


    • Emba,
      it doesn't really mater in the long run. I was hoping to pick up more shares after Jan 12th at a price below $9. I'm a long term investor so the day to day movements have little consequence.

    • Well, Good luck with that, as I said before, all eyes on SGN-35. It's not a fair assumption to think the stock should return to the level it was prior to the SGN-40/DNA deal because SGN -35 franchise has come through early stage 2 to the pivotal trial with exceptionally positive results. Add to that the extensive partnerships/ expanded pipeline I think the risk today supports the present pricing. I'm looking to buy more after Jan 11, and this (although not exactly the reason I would like for the opportunity) plan to buy an additional 10K shares.

    • You can call me carnac

    • Again, I will "load up" the truck after panic selling takes over.....If no event occurs that will trigger such an event, then I will not get in......Its that simple.

      I am a contrarian.


    • Just because there is someone else here who chooses to wait on a stock, well, that does not make him or myself a fraud. Just because you do not trust me does not make it so either. Read what he said. Have I ever made the (somewhat brash) statements of "panic", "load up", etc. I do not choose to approach things in that manner. I do, however, like his philosophy of not being a hater.

      I am not what you imply. I did not answer anything under another ID. I have made my position very clear many times over. I am not some enemy of you, the stock, the company, or anyone else for that matter. I don't even wish for the stock to fall in price. There IS a difference between wishing and watchful waiting. I have even admitted how silly I was for not having started a position when it fell below eight dollars a share quite a while back. I am simply patient and that is that.

      And just for the record, my Thanksgiving wish to the board, including yourself, was sincere, genuine, and not embittered and still is in spite of it's one-star (two?, I guess there is someone who appreciated it) rating.

      Now that the drama is over, at least for me, I can get back to watching.


    • no big deal, doesn't merritt any more time except you posted under one ID and answered a comment under the other ID. You are a regular here and it's nice to know the regulars and their positions on the company. (when they are genuine and not embittered)

    • Gosh mr. DBegley,

      I guess I am guilty until proven innocent. Please provide the evidence of the fraud of which you accuse me.


    • So how's that waiting game working out for you?

    • SGEN has $300 million in cash alone. I believe $1 billion is cheap. Just the milestone payments alone their partners are willing to pay for ADC rights significantly exceeds the $700 million value after deducting the cash.

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