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  • rickarooski rickarooski Nov 5, 2010 2:25 AM Flag

    Can expect the following in the near future.

    Huge cash burn in the last Q. I don't need to re-hash as to why. But I do have a feeling that added cash will be needed to get piggy to the market, so to say.

    What hasn't happened in a while, and, what I believe to be in SGEN's near future, is another share offering going into the final turn.

    The price is suppressed and would be enticing at these "ish" levels. Mid $17's would not have flown for the shares they would release. Mid 13's would work as the energy surround the recent data release would provide for a "reasonably receptive" buying public. It would be inticing for additional institutional participation as well at these "ish" levels.

    Of course current owners wouldn't be happy with the short-term effect. In the 3+ years I've been following SGEN there has already been 3 new releases. As the price has been as high as $18 (for fractional days but 18 none-the-less) one could only imagine what the price might have been minus those offerings.

    The company will state their case for the better cause. Not exactly what the shareholders of record, to date, deserve.

    Posted for the sake of completeness so you don't get caught off guard.

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    • Not even close to the same situation egorooski. I certainly dont tell people how to invest. Noone said you were a basher.
      Now put the mirror down and go to bed.
      comparing xoma to sgen, lol.

    • Only Rich would write sth like that. You must be Rich. 1 star to you.

    • I'm not Rick, I assure you. I am just an investor in SGEN like the rest of you who just really wants to read about opinions on SGEN and not some squabble between you and Rick. The flat out truth is that you two annoy each other and enjoy pushing each others buttons and neither of you can let things go and stay focused. I was pleased to read your first reply to me yesterday and your agreeing with me to move forward and beyond the Rick topic. I was also happy to ready about your AMEX index info; I learned something from that. Then I was disappointed in reading about 20 minutes later you antagonizing and propelling things forward again. You lasted 20 minutes, DBeg. Anyways, I'm calling it quits with this particular Rick-thread and I look forward to more threads on SGEN, the company's drugs and prospects, and some opinions and analysis on the company in general.

      (Note: Notice the lack of spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors in my posts. Really, I'm not Rick.)

    • Forgot to add. While I generally just delete all Ricks posts due to a lack of time and interest in deciphering the incomprehensible, I must admit that I am fascinated by his obsessive compulsion to garner "star" approval. To now read he is asking other boards to come here to up rate his posts is simply bizarre and bewildering, but yet extremely intriguing from a psychological perspective.
      That is the only question I have for Rick, simply Why ?

    • It is pretty obvious that Ricks posts have created quite a following or should I say, Rick has created quite a following for his posts.

    • wsucougarsg and rateremedy are rick. Very obvious!

    • rateremedy is Rick
      funny, you are your own fan club. caught in the act of talking to yourself. Go away!

      also explains your ability to maintain at least 2 stars.

    • Ya know, Sometimes there's stuff in print that just wows the heck out of me. Like this post OF YOURS!!!
      It's from the XOMA board and dated 3-Apr-10.
      ********* Your quote***
      "You aint up nothing till you book the sale trailer trash. and keep in mind I didnt want to come to this board but a-hole followed me from this board to other boards and 1 starred all my posts, I am an investor primarily on the long side, and seeing all the pumpers here I thought I would post some counterpoints as you guys always post, why is it down today. wha wha wha. Yet when I post why it is a bad story people think I am a basher, because they cant handle the truth. I am convinced it is their buisness model. I wont lose a dime on the short side as I am not short. gl sparky remember we are all here to make money."

      Something about glass houses. Also something about 1-star ratings and how you got dinged very often. See how this ship comes full circle. And perhaps we now know of one of the offenders. You didn't like it done to you so STOP IT here. (this is where you swear it's not you).

      Understand that I could have made a new post with this content but to be kind I buried it.

    • Here's an idea.
      Within that same post header read through the entirety of the thread.
      Note a different flavor and tone of the board members? They're not as crass and uppity as other boards. They're probably not as overextended and paranoid as well. But i do digress. This is a silly message board. One simple statement(s) as the originating post and look at the hostility it brought out. It was non-offensive to the receiving reader. It was the anti-christs' gospil to those with self-serving interests. Perhaps, just perhaps the rating clowns will grow up and the commentary will focus on SGEN for the ENTIRE thread.

      Da clowns no wat dey do. No need to respond to them individually outside of SGEN related conserns, if at all. But their right to post is respected. Make that mutual.

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