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  • mahesh1104 mahesh1104 Apr 26, 2011 2:16 PM Flag

    Q1 CC

    Absolutely I concur Redhot if these were some Mega Lottery winners and they put out a press release geez they would list all possible tax implications and parental support costs for potential illegitimate children to crawl out of the woodwork. Yes a decoder is absolutely necessary and that horrific timing of announcing Friday night for a Monday morning Conference call.

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    • Mahesh: You're right and it actually is a problem, in that a public corporation's image becomes more and more relevant as that corporation grows and, hopefully, prospers. And, like it or not, that image is at least partially crafted by how a company presents itself in its own press releases.

      That said, these faults often reside more in a company's legal department than in its communications department, occurring when overly cautious attorneys stubbornly insist on certain formats and wording. They should not do that. They should be more flexible.

      Anyway, while we're having a bit of fun here, a few weeks ago I predicted that the newshounds at SGEN would slap this headline on the eventual press release that triumphantly announces that the company has heard from the FDA, has won approval of SGN-35 and will immediately begin its the long-awaited program of product commercialization and sales:

      "Seattle Genetics Announces That It Received an Email From Someone On the East Coast"

    • They always release their news on mondays.

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