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  • mtstrategies mtstrategies Jul 19, 2011 11:54 AM Flag

    shorts you have had 2 1/2 days ..

    to cover..don't cry if this all of a sudden runs to $ don't want to play with a leading cancer company

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    • SGEN market makers starting to push the $18 door open..I think it cracks that level and closes above it on thursday..macro issues holding back the mkt..every pullback being bought now at the 17.75 level last 2 days..thats the trading from your local intra day trader.
      long bias 2k sh@17.93

    • I had an anatomy professor who asked the ONLY girl in the class what size the male "appendage" had to be to procreate. She said 10 inches!He replied that it was not correct and it was not the size of the dong but the ding in it!!!!I'm expecting to wofk itself back to $21+share by late august BUT what I'd really like is to see big brother make a grab at it before then???????? wboyce3

    • That's the answer I expected.

    • christianegeskov Jul 20, 2011 3:08 PM Flag

      You are so right DB, regarding strategy....Do you also own AEZS?

    • BS ok let's have lunch and compare your history of trades. I'm a open book. I'll show you what long term investing has done for me over the last 30 years son. I started with $20,000 and put it all in promising biotechs and...sat with them for years.
      You'll learn the hard way. I've known many like you, up one day, greed steps in and you loose your shirt when fear takes over. Especially as you start using margin, and you will, it's part of the short term mindset. It will happen.
      Wall street bets against you every time. without the big money hedging your position, you WILL loose. The only way to beat the cross winds is to buy low priced new technology biotechs which pursue untapped targets. Right now SGEN and MITI are the poster boy companies which define that strategy.
      I expect MITI to be a short term 50% (1 year or less) and long term 10 bagger if things continue. SGEN has similar potential over the next 4 years.

    • While your playing around with a few hundred shares, many of us longs have been buying for years. I hold 50,000 shares of SGEN and 40,000 of MITI. Been holding SGEN since the stock was $4-$6. You are a newbie here. Typical johnny come lately think he knows what's going on.
      At today's value I'm up $650,000. on my long (as you say) looser position.
      I hold a number of other stocks is smaller amount.
      Your position is 480 shares? your a joke.
      Common sense would dictate that if you believed your own rhetoric, you would be shorting the crap out of the stock but.... your not!! what does that say? seem to be wishful thinking on your behalf. You'll be gone soon.

    • What makes think yours is the only game in town. If your making money here good for you. Spare us your unsolicited stock picks noone likes you here or cares less about you and your trades, you've earned no respect. Maybe spend some of your winning on charm school, and learn how to play with others or go away.

    • 484 shares !!! This friggin clown comes here spewing nonsense and polluting a well informed board for 484 shares. I guess it's true what they say about empty barrels... How sad, pathetic and yet in an odd way, funny. 484 shares !!! Wow ,I smell a major short squeeze coming on ! LOL

    • They're all the same - sad, dysfunctional people who roam from message board to message board - settling for a day or two on whatever board happens to be in the news - in an effort to pretend that they're superior to...someone, anyone. Even though, deep down, they know that they are pretending.

    • Homer, As I said He Got A Special Trade , and a Special Price!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

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