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  • rickarooski rickarooski Jan 9, 2012 11:41 AM Flag

    Are you starting to understand yet??

    You have to be curious at this point as to how the Baker-Bank can be such a HUGE holder of SGEN and have the price swing like a trampoline act day-after-day. This is the reason I left the building. It not in the control of the company nor the product mix. It has only to do with a ticker symbol versus black or red, or 1-38 with one or two zeros (depending on the house advantage, right)

    I'm not bagging on SGEN the company, never had. Certainly had my concerns in the pre-release era. But SGEN, like a wealth of equities, carry to much risk. It used to be what a willing seller could get from a willing buyer. That practice had it's issues BITD. Now it's whatever one computer can create with many computers to produce money.

    Such a joke. Yes, even for the very long holders it's a joke as the computers can take you out in a heartbeat. (See $22 to $14 just recently).

    Baker-Bank is not the squeely clean, huge holder of solely long positions, as most of you are suggesting. (BTW. How many of your are directly associated with the Baker group?? Yeah, I know. None of you)

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