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  • kblumb kblumb Apr 18, 2012 2:26 PM Flag

    Roche most likely buyer of Seattle

    With 9 SGEN ADC's in phase one clinical trials and the partner Ventana in the CD30 diagnostic test Roche is very involved in SGEN and realizes that Genetech needs the ADC platform for their Antibody buisness's future . The only question is can both sides agree on valuation!

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    • I continue to believe that SGEN will continue to grow and do better than a buyout because of their collaboration with Spirogen which should produce continued successes generating PBDs and a number of other cancer applications will result. As I see the growth factor and the time to development since their collaboration this stock should start a steady climb on its own. I felt that way when they signed the agreement (without knowledge of when there would be favorable results). Now I beleive that this will open up numerous opportunities and ASCO will be exciting again for SGEN.

      Am I missing something or is the PPS a bargain?


    • Odd that Takeda/Millenium don't have more Mabs that they're converting to ADCs.

      I'll wait til pps is 30-40 before I get excited with a buyout. 2013 maybe. MITI in 2012, SGEN in 2013, IMGN in 2014. I'll be happy with SGEN ending 2012 at 22-25 pps.

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      • Early Friday, doctors around the world gathered to discuss the " Riceen Letter. 'Even in the university Hospital they announced that they had essentially saved the life a man named Riceen whose trachea, or windpipe, had become almost completely blocked by a tumor. They wrer discussing replacing it with one grown using stem cells taken from his bone marrow of riceen 20 years ago. Scientists were able to grow the new trachea with stem cells on a plastic “scaffold” the closely resembled the man’s original trachea. According to reports, this was Riceen;s idea many years ago, knowing that he may live to 150 he may need this some day. He also did other organs which were too many to mention.

        He had it figured that when anything goes wrong with his body he would replace them with theses organs that were derived from his stem cells.
        Many researchers were able to grow the new windpipe in only two days.

        According to The " Riceen letter" the patient Riceen is considered to be cancer-free and can expect a life expectancy
        of 150 years old.

      • Just because you read an article by this riceen character does not mean that everything he says will be right. Being 85% right does not guarantee future predictions. I'll be the first to agree with you that this guy is a guru, but he is not 100% right all tthe time.

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