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  • rickarooski rickarooski May 10, 2012 1:55 PM Flag

    Re: OUCH! Looks like HURT after all.

    Such as to NOT over-react based on yesterday, I gave today a good look-see to view the upcoming future of SGEN.

    ALL things considered, and, with emphasis on 2 like-kind items in the last 2 months, I can offer a target price of $16.44 within 3 weeks.

    Understand that i'm NOT negative on SGEN the potential, just SGEN the equity and the gamers there-of. Of course you'll do as you see fit with your finances. But if you were on the cusp as to what to do in the near future I just gave you my spin FWIW.

    Do your fellow readers a favor and leave this post untouched. As the last month has been VERY accurate guidance from this author, I can see (have figured into the mix) my target price being easily obtained.

    Again, this is NOT Monkey-darts or best-o-17 coin tosses. there might even be a significant holder of SGEN who has the clout that'll prove me wrong. but that's the only (obscure) event that'll keep SGEN from my target price.

    And as is typical the drop won't be pretty.
    i know I'm not gaining any friends on this board with this revolation. but then again over the last 3 days I made you oodles of $$$ if you took me to task.

    Good luch to all. I fully appreciate that this neck is fully exposed. but I'm hard pressed to see honest prople lose significant amounts of their hard-earned money as "market oportunistics" take it easily away from you.

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