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  • koolbrez22 koolbrez22 Jul 1, 2013 8:54 PM Flag

    Short position

    It was quite informative that as of 6/15 the short position stopped decreasing and went up ~ 1 million shares.
    That dovetails pretty nicely with the share price starting to fall fro a high of ~ $ 39 to the mid thirties and then crashing to the $ 28 range aided and abetted by the chatty doctor spewing BS rumors about pancreatitis in Lugano.
    It will be even more interesting to learn what happened to the short position between 6/15 and 6/39.

    Me thinks the good Doc is a shorts' tool and in a fair world he'd be investigated and interrogated about his motives. Abusing ones bully pulpit to aid and abet corruption is a crime no different than loan sharking and deserves the same indication for incarceration and other penalties.
    In reality though he will get to enjoy his ill gotten booty without repercussions.
    If I were in Clay's boots, which I'm not, I'll blackball the basturd and not allow him to do any additional trials for SGEN products and file a complaint to have his license revoked for flagrant corruption.
    If I were one of his patients I would immediately look for a new doctor on the basis that he cares nothing about the life and welfare of his patients.

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