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  • Totally_Bummed_Out Totally_Bummed_Out Apr 3, 1999 11:38 AM Flag

    Prunum Systems and Wackos

    Bob Best is not the wacko I was referring to. He
    had a short and altogether uneventful time at UNUM
    (so I've heard), but I think he left on generally
    good terms. Interesting that he is now in charge of
    Customer Service...

    Talking about systems - the
    reason for UNUM's large systems area is that UNUM has
    undergone several big projects. We've had a large and very
    successful Y2K campaign, and have moved on to our "Customer
    Model" project. This new project has many pieces,
    including new data warehousing, rewriting many systems to
    use PCs vs. mainframes, internet systems, and
    replacing the mish-mosh of PCs and the LAN we have with new
    "Standard Technology" equipment. Our actual baseline
    support area is much smaller than you might

    And, yes, Provident's data center is to consolidate
    with UNUM/Colonial in Columbia. From what info I've
    gathered, they opted to move the smaller system to the
    larger system, and make use of the newer, larger
    facility. Also, I heard that the UNUM team voted for
    Columbia and Provident voted for Tennessee, so IBM was
    involved in picking the location.

    But with all of
    the trouble UNUM has had finding mainframe support
    people, and being short-staffed there already (would you
    agree, Blue Jay?), the next two years could be
    interesting. I think that would be true in either location,
    but it probably would have been worse in Tennessee -
    again, they're moving the smaller system to the larger
    system. Universities and colleges just aren't training
    mainframers like they used to.

    Keep in mind, as well,
    that the Columbia staff is mostly mainframe support.
    UNUM's LAN center is in Portland, Customer Model is in
    Portland, as is the vast majority of mainframe programming

    From everything I've heard, systems isn't going to be
    shrinking by much. They've had to lift the hiring freeze
    from time to time to get more systems folks. There's a
    lot of work to be done to put two company's systems

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    • Who?

      Subj: For the EE's sake, let's hope they
      By: tavbear
      Date: 08/05/99 10:19 am

      still have their 401K money in mutual funds and hadn't moved them to UNM until after the crash. Regarding Harold's ability to build a sales orginization. He destroyed what field operation Paul Revere had, and don't forget, Paul Revere was the leader in individual disability ins. If he intends to build sales with independent brokers alone, he has to rebuild the confidence and reputation of the company that he destroyed. A huge task, knowing Harold's dislike and disrespect for sales reps.

    • Loser!

      Subj: Thinking twice? Let's just think
      By: reelworld99
      Date: 08/05/99 11:23 pm

      I do agree with the sales force issues. I have said earlier that the troops will have be be focused. Focus:"To cause to be concentrated." "...To adjust to a particular range." Think about it. In order to focus,in order to see clearly what's ahead, you have to see clearly what's behind. The multitude of messages recently, tell me quite a bit. The stock market reaction tells me the same: A knee jerk reaction.

      Like I said before, most people want to make money. I'm quite involved with this UnumProvident process, and I believe the "focus" will come. My money stays with UnumProvident, primarily, because I believe in the long-term vision of the company.

    • Subj: Chandler and Orr have theirs
      By: fool_me_1ns
      Date: 08/03/99 11:36 am

      The employees are the ones that are -------!!! They are all holding options that are absolutely worthless today!!! But what else is new. The fat cats got theirs, and that's all that matters. Have you seen their golden parachutes?

    • Yes but another 3 million and Harrys happy

      Subj: How many retirement dreams were crushed
      By: onedoor
      Date: 08/04/99 10:54 am

      or seriously set back thanks to Harold Chandler et al need to make a deal. Employees (and formeremployees) of Paul Revere, Provident, Colonial and now UNUM saw their 401K nearly vanish before their eyes in one day. Yes, it will come back some, but it will never be the same. The moral of the employees have reached an all time low. New sales will be hurt by the loss of respect in the marketplace. Broker's will find other companies to place their business. Thanks Harold for destroying the dreams of your own employees.

    • Subj: Proxies
      By: JohnMac15
      Date: 06/01/99 06:35 pm

      They have the approval. They promised everyone this would happen in April, then May. It is now June, and they have been tight lipped. Something is going on, and the employees(stockholders) want to know what it is. They are hiding something.

      Many are now saying this is not a merger, but a takeover, and Provident is the one doing the taking over.

    • Here is one for the longs!

    • hear is a person who has ideals on number 450. This is 3 days before the can got out of the bag about the underpricing and underreserving!

    • Hey, riskandreward2, can you provide additional information about your post of 8/9 re: D&H losses??

    • AHL will surpass Colonial in premium written within three years. Have you seen their rate of growth?

    • American Fidelity and Am Heritage (allstate) are pretty small companies in the VB segment.

      Aflac appears to be the only large player.

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