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  • no_body99 no_body99 Aug 11, 1999 12:49 PM Flag

    Maybe you should invest in CD's

    It's only been down a short time. Stocks can take
    time to recover. My take on it is that the market is
    looking for a good sign that Chandler can really make
    this merger work. I also believe that the bad news is
    behind us and that improvements are forth coming. The
    market will respond appropriately.

    I am quite
    surprised that the price did not go up a lot more before it
    went down though. The risk of the merger failing early
    is behind us now. Usually the market likes that.
    This time it didn't care. Can it be that it is saying
    that Chandler may have taken on more than he is able
    to deliver on? I hope not for all our sakes. I also
    really don't believe that.

    So, hang in there.
    It's only paper. -- And hold the profanity. This is no
    place for it.

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    • Unum, like everyone else, operates both within
      and without their spectrum. Todays fall is Aetna's
      "how to get them off DI." That's about as real as last
      week's employment numbers. This whole market, other than
      index funds, is rather fickel. If only UNM would do
      anything CLOSE to Colonial or Provident! This stock

    • your understanding, or lack thereof, of the DI
      industry. Berkshire and Guardian have traditional Non-can
      w/own-occ. Guardian's rates are a joke, as are the
      sex-distinct female rates of Berkshires. For the moment, the
      multi-life non-can market is dominated by MassMutual (All
      former Paul Revere Execs.... they didnt want to move to
      TN) and Provident, whose advanced underwriting dept.
      is run by Revere execs.


    • noncan slopper: You are an idiot. If you can't
      see the internet playing a role in this industry, you
      are as stupid as your name.
      Do you really think
      agents are the wave of the future? If you are an agent
      and you are that blind, you may want to get some
      lasic eye surgury before it is too late. Or is that not
      a reality either.

      It also seems you are
      still stuck in the 80's and early 90's non can. Talk
      about reserve hits.

    • I want to know from all you inside experts how
      Unum has posted a "Buy Direct" on the homepage? Is
      this a Harold idea? Does he think he can replace
      agents like he replaced bank tellers with ATM machines?
      Or was this a Jim Orr idea?

      Go to the page if
      you don't think it is there. Only problem I have
      found is the ability to obtain information. It appears
      to be a crappy product, but no way of telling - does
      not seem to be approved in any states.

      If this
      is a Harold idea, someone should tell him, even with
      a low end product that is streamlined underwriting,
      all you get is adverse selection. Can anyone say -
      Big Reserve Write-off??

    • UNUM has been working on Y2K compliance for over
      2 years.
      I know for a fact that they have a
      number of their systems
      Y2K compliant and are up and
      running (Merlin and the Flex System). I think they are
      still working on the Merlin side
      but have made great
      stride and progress with it. We do need
      to take data
      information (tape to tape with enrollment information) into
      consideration and hope that our supplier is
      Y2K compliant.
      They have been working on this with alot
      excellent resources within UNUM. Cheryl Stewart is
      sponsor (this could have changed by now-not sure) of
      at UNUM and has personally stated that UNUM will be
      Hope this answers your questions as to UNUM's part.

    • I don't know about the Unum side of the house,
      but I can speak to the Provident side. Y2K compliancy
      is there. Of course, it is not 100%. Any large
      organization that claims 100% compliancy is lying or they are
      covering their eyes. Simple fact is, there are a lot of
      systems that they are taking the word of their suppliers
      on. But, the internal systems that Provident has
      direct control over and most of the third party systems
      have been thoroughly tested in a time machine
      environment. They have done more than due diligence in
      ensuring that the systems will perform as desired after
      the year 2000. Their systems have been in the time
      machine since about June of last year and will complete
      two or three more passes this year.

      The bottom
      line is, Provident put together a Y2K program nearly 2
      years ago and has been executing that program ever
      since. It is extremely detailed. There is too much at
      risk to do any less.

      Does anyone know about

    • hey, anyone know if UNM is y2k compliant? I hear most insurance companies are not ready

    • the 70% that I know about represents that 70% of
      the doctor marketplace has ind. non can disability
      insurance. What I understand UnumProvident to be focusing on
      with the ind. marketplace is the totally un-penetrated
      middle income and professional manager marketplace. this
      market ( which I am one of) is not interested in a
      policy that pays when there is not loss. What I want is
      a policy that pays me when I can't work, and pays
      me and helps me if I could go back to work. Not
      looking to milk the system.

    • is DEAD, but Non-Can is not. That is the fact.
      Doctors and Lawyers can get this product, but it limits
      the own-occ language.

      Bopper, I did do my
      homework, Your Non-Can version is DEAD. If you cannot sell
      the current products, then get out of the

    • If Harold is as smart as his reputation portrays,
      I would believe he has taken care of all the stuff
      UNUM swept under the rug for the past several years.
      That's why he's in charge and not Mr.Orr, though some
      remaining UNUM senior management were more responsible for
      the problems than Orr.

      Good luck Harold!!!

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