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  • yardbird09 yardbird09 Jun 9, 2012 10:34 AM Flag


    The fact is that most patients who have received the treatment have survived much longer than average. If there were "no real conclusions" to be drawn, the drug wouldn't be approved for further testing. True, the drug isn't yet approved for sale on the market, but any patient with this cancer would obviously be eager to take it.

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    • that is why if you read between the lines nothing new was said in AF's comment on IMUC in his "mailbag article"

      phase 1 was just set up to look at the safety of the drug. Phase 2 is to really determine if the drug really works. Adam knows that and that is why nothing was said about phase 2 set up. This was nothing more than a bear raid.

      I got lucky and sold some of my trading shares at $3.70 and bought back at 3.25.


    • I agree that the drug looks phenomenal and I love the management team. But Ph I was for safety only; nothing to do with approval. I definitely want to be in this stock pre-phase II data release. I sold my shares at $3.55. Trying to decide when to buy back in. Not sure how much more - if any - downside we have left.

      And I have owned other stocks that AF has done similar things to. It does indeed have the appearance of manipulation and control. Hopefully I can get in again at cheap prices.

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      • The Street article by AF was factually correct. You can't argue with the facts. The sample size was very small. The company has paid to have it stock pumped. I think this drug has wonderful POTENTIAL. It has yet to be proved. The emotional appeals that if you are realistic about this company and it's prospects means you are for cancer is BS. AF writes to investors. He is often right but has been wrong (ARNA,SPPI,ect.). Reread the article. So far he is right. He didn't say it was not going to work. He said it hasn't been proved to work and it is being pumped. So far he is right.

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