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  • troyanderson747 troyanderson747 Oct 19, 2012 11:52 AM Flag

    For those that have gotten hit hard by this stock

    If you've gotten hurt, I recommend staying in another 4-6 months until phase 2 data. but I don't feel this will move up anytime soon.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • blame it on the "microwave oven"..........We don't like waiting for anything..........including profits.

      imuc has not been this low since last feb., obviously, a lot of good people in the red,.........This is not going to last - I'm not calling for big upside, maybe $2.50 ?? by year end. - I listed catylsts yesterday, will repeat them, cause I repeat myself in real life too. ;)

      -the announcement of "offering closed" next week should create an upward trend. I garantee the over-allotment will be purchased.

      - the start of a ph I trial this quarter-
      - ceo is an absolute must, hopefully before year-end.

      -usually warrants have a 6 mo. hold, immediate exercise with this deal, bummer. [manish never would have agreed to that bull]

      - Long term outlook, if DSMC recommends continue, futility stop is off the table.- This will be viewed by "big money" as a less risky investment, maybe putting buying pressure on shares.

      - 7, 8 mo.? after dsmc recommendation,... . I did see an article calling for $18. a share with a stat sig results ........I'm in no position to argue [ha]

      2 immunotherapy trials read out early 2013, - this will absolutely effect imuc share price, up or down.- .........i read, alot;.......- the ict-107 asco abstract, etc., imho, i believe this vaccine makes it.


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