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  • dkwsj Nov 29, 2012 8:55 AM Flag

    Any idea why this is creeping up slowly?

    Any idea why this is creeping up slowly?

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    • dkwsj Nov 30, 2012 9:08 PM Flag

      Wow....... this is indeed impressive. Should have bought more at a dollar plus.

    • as long as its up who cares why!

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    • Who ever it might be who is buying IMUC these days, it must be the attractive fundamentals: The company is valued at 115 mioUS$. With about 25 mioUS$ in cash on their bank account and no debt on the balance sheet, the combined development projects are thus valued at about 90 mioUS$, way too little for a company that has a fully recruited randomized, placebo-controlled phase II trial waiting to mature within 12 months and designed to enable early filing for regulatory approval in a highly unmet medical need indication in oncology...

      With the buzz and hype that evsworld sees coming, leading up to the planned interim next spring, there should be interesting short-to-mid term gains to be made (plus more positive news flowing any day: new CEO appointment, ph1 results for ICT-121..). Much more up-side, of course, for those who have the patience and can wait for the hopefully successful outcome of the ICT-107 phase II trial in a year's time. A 25$ pps should be within reach then... But: It is a speculative investment!

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      • Actually, $25 is the neighborhood given good results, and would be a reasonable buyout price. See INHX. The two companies are very similar in mkt. cap, potential market for their vaccines, and pipeline at the same stage of development. Roche bought INHX after good PII results for....$25/shr.
        Biopissant's ID is just blowing smoke, you know, words that one can see but have little substance.

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      • All I see is joe flaherty laughing at you happy. like there arent any pharma dealing with cancer, lolol. imuc is gonna have to make that last shot in the happy gilmore movie to get to your crazy $25 price target. But its nice to dream isnt it? isnt it?

        Anyway, I cant wait to see what the next offering will be priced at! you know the last one was done well!!! what was the stock price @, 3, $4? and they offered around $2? AAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lolololol. (shakes head laughing) yeah, good luck!

    • It looks like it wants to take off here soon however a slow and steady climb is just fine with me. A lot of people want to get back in for interim results and it will start getting more and more attention in the next few months. I think it will be back at 3 in the somewhat near future.

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    • IMUC was nearly $3 before the offering. And the buzz about interim results will start to grow as we head towards Q1. I think I'm on record saying that the "buzz" effect won't start ramping til mid-ish Dec. - so I think it's from being oversold. Maybe that's one for the ticker-jockeys out there.
      I'm not sure how big a tax sale candidate this is, anyone who's held for more than 10mos. is up 100% or more.

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      • For a general idea of where the share price should be, I took the average established share price then calculating diluted value and found a range with a high of $1.80 per share. I know that investors rarely consider literal value of companies, but if we established a company value prior to dilution, and then consider the dilutive effect of the added shares, then we can easily see what shares should be valued after the addition of the new shares. So shares aren't particularly cheap right now.

        I would imagine the value of shres will creep up as we approach the mid-term analysis of our study, but that is still a good ways away. The potential value from positive data would add a great amount of value.

        For now, I would expect the day players to push it around. Weren't they the ones that pushed it down for last options expiration date?

        We could get pushed below $2 again next options expiration (December). With many months to go before availability of mid-term data , we have to ride the roller coaster until we get the information that will establish a higher company value.

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    • My guess would be that everyone has taken their tax loss and they are buying back for the future expecting it to go back to where it was.

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    • dont worry it will be going back down now.

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