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  • evsworld evsworld Mar 3, 2013 2:32 PM Flag


    There is a quote, in one of the last two webcasts (accessible), that states the news will be released soon after the 32nd event occurs.

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    • This may not be announced at the CC but rest assured it will be this QTR. Ameba- Paramecium aside management let slip it will be this quarter and all the diskoduckspin will not change this probable event. Sometimes the answer is staring you in the face......if only you are willing to open your eyes.

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      • Please take your time to listen to the Febr 11. CC carefully, here is what Gengos said (word by word) you can still replay from their website:

        “This is an event driven trial so we can’t give you the exact timing of these milestones but we think the projected timing is STILL pretty reasonable.”

        I believe he reiterated a couple times that this is an event driven trial and NOBODY can give an exact timing.
        Once they pass March he will give us an update and slightly change rhetoric.

      • DB study: NO ONE can say with certainty when the threshold will be reached, including the management. You keep pounding on their written statement and disregard this fact. Another fact: If ICT-107 works very well, the announcement will not come in March. It's not complicated.

      • Management didn't "let it slip" that it would be Q1. It has been planned for well over a year and posted on every presentation that 32 events would be Q4 2012 - Q1 2013 based upon a mean estimated survival of every patient in the trial that was relatively conservative. It has been known that this has been conservative for well over a year. All that management did at the last CC is not "count their chickens before they've hatched". Saying that you would get 32 events after Q1 is like bragging and based upon the fact that we were in mid February, this would have taken serious chutzpah.

      • gee, from freshwater protozoan to hippo, I am impressed !

        I like realistic posts and you're part of that. - I already knew but wanted to hear it,,,,,,,,,ImmunoCellular Therapuetics is not privy to the ongoing event count. Because there seems to be some doubt on this board , I hope this is stated in an unequivocal manner next week.

        We have yet to pass a futility hurdle and some have already said we have a 6 month survival advantage. The bias tendency is in full swing.

        With only 33% of patients showing an immune response in the phase I trial, 64 events by 4th quarter is a real possibility.

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