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  • danman159 danman159 Mar 18, 2013 6:06 PM Flag

    Roth Presentation

    Just listened to the Roth presentation. The CEO made it seem like while they are obviously still blinded to the trial, that the CRO is in contact with them with estimates of when the 32nd event would be. He said that they expect the 32nd event at the end of Q1 with the DMC recommendation coming in Q2. So I think they must be very close to 32 events at this point. This is still where I believe they said an 8 or 9 month survival advantage vs. historical 18.8 months would be expected to fall.

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    • I suggest everyone listen to the presentation. Our CEO is an excellent speaker and gave a first class presentation. He flawlessly laid out our programs, goals and financial position. He was clear, concise, very positive and optimistic about our current condition and future outlook. His presentation also seemlessly matched the appropriate slides. He obviously took the time to practice and get all his ducks in a row. Great job. We are in good hands. JMHO.

      Cheers and GLTA longs.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • the point is it doesnt matter when it happens because the results wont be released until end of the year.

      you can go blue in the face and look at this stock every second until the full results come out but thats just a waste of time.

      did the roth presentation sound like the previous presentations? im guessing yes.

      go do something else. it should gradually appreciate until results at the end of the year.

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      • I understand that. The thing the Roth presentation added, that I hadn't known before is that their estimates for when the 32nd event will come is not just based on their model, but actually based on feedback by the CRO running the trial about when the event will occur. It suggests that they are very close to 32 events. I know we won't have any real data until the end of the year, barring unforeseen safety & futility rejection. The information is at least good to know, because it's not like we're at 20 events and the company is sticking to the Q1/Q2 timeframe due to their projections. It sounded like they actually have a sense of approximately when 32 events will happen based on how the trial is actually going.

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