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  • liberalidocracy liberalidocracy May 11, 2013 3:11 PM Flag

    NWBO P3 Trial is a hodge podge P2

    They were doing a phase2 trial and ran out of money. Put enrollment on hold for a while and brought it back as a phase 3. FDA will never accept these joke results
    Glad I never bought that seekimg alpha joke stock.

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    • Below is another reason why NWBO vaccine may not be as affective as their investors are hoping for. ICT-107 downregulated the expression of CD 133 (Recent studies in brain tumors have identified a CD133+ cell population thought to be a cancer stem cell population, which is rare, undergoes self-renewal and differentiation, and can propagate tumors when injected into immune-compromised mice) No other drug including NWBO vaccine does this.

      Multiple epitopes targeted by our vaccine are derived from proteins reported to be overexpressed on the cancer stem cell fraction of GBM [17]. Moreover, loss of targeted antigen reportedly correlates with glioma vaccine efficacy [29]. Consistent with those findings, we observed a downregulation of three of the HLA-A2 target antigens was observed in four HLA-A2+ patients where recurrent tumors were available. We also examined loss of expression of CD133, a non-targeted antigen expressed on the stem cell fraction in gliomas, to evaluate whether stem-like glioma cells might be selectively targeted by the vaccine. Although only a few patients were studied, tumors from post-vaccine resections showed a decrease in or loss of CD133 expression relative to their pre-vaccine counterparts. This finding is intriguing because previous studies from our group [14] and others [16] have consistently shown increased expression of CD133 in recurrent tumors, including in those recurring after tumor lysate–loaded DC vaccination [30]. Although the relevance of these inconsistent increases to cancer stem and/or endogenous neural stem cells, as well as to clinical disease course, is not entirely clear [14, 16], the observed decreased expression of CD133 is consistent with preferential vaccine-mediated elimination of CD133+ cells from recurrent tumors [17].

    • peterpinto2011 May 11, 2013 11:37 PM Flag

      nwbo is fishy because they have no phase i abstract on ncbi from early 2000's when they did their trial...imuc does have an abstract

      nwbo also has to keep diluting until topline results

      nwbo needs to show positive interim and it might succeed but i would never in a million years invest in them where they are currently

    • Which would help explain the lack of interest in NWBO.

      Northwest Biotherapeutics' wishful thinking calling their trial PIII, while being extremely selective and looking for their own GBM sub-group, tumors with mesenchymal gene-expression signatures or larger numbers of CD3+ and CD8+ lymphocytes (approx. 6% of GBM samples), could easily malfunction in the face of the FDA and require submission of a full-on Phase III trial.

      At the very least, their branding & selectivity has already taken the shine off DC-Vax with neuro-oncologists and delayed their trial. N-O's are fully aware of UCLA's journal publications regarding DCs pulsed with tumor lysate and advice patients of all their options. This will be a challenge for the current ownership of Northwest Biotherapeutics, when and if, they decide to put a genuine organization in place that can market DCVax to providers asking out-of-pocket payment.

      I decidedly appreciate ImmunoCellular Therapeutic's openness on all of these issues, as the same applies in the case of ICT-107.

    • They will run out of $ before they take their next breath. But to be fair, though their "PIII" will never, NEVER pass muster in the US, there is an extremely slight chance that the EU could grant them a CE Mark after completion. But that would only come after much dilution at a big cost, as their pre r/s pps is below .20 as it is.
      Just not a time to be in this stock...

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