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  • discoduck33 discoduck33 Jul 24, 2013 11:23 PM Flag

    My stock is up 13% in a day and yet I weep for all humanity

    So now we are deciding to buy?

    Not because we know that mean OS of ICT-107 is between 30-33 months....
    Not because we have looked at blogs and see that patients still don't have recurrence....
    Not because we reasoned that all the trial doctors must know that this stuff works by now from PFS....
    Not because we have said that this will be approved following Phase II....

    But because some guy writes an article!? Heaven forbid that we were capable of thinking for ourselves and making our own intelligent decisions....

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    • You may weep for all humanity......because many do not know the facts......also if you are the only one who is aware then the market does not know....which means the price stays the article from someone with a lot of exposure will bring the facts you have stated to life.

      It is supply and demand.....don't be jealous or pompous about it.....I am sure Joe's article will comprehensively cover all of the pros for the happy he feels the same way you do.

      If not your beliefs and knowledge would make you very little money.

      When did you buy?

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      • "don't be jealous or pompous about it" That's exactly my take on the Duck's post. I truly believe he has provided some highly detailed analysis with his informative posts. It's the borderline egotistic pomposity between the lines that almost turns me off from reading them. A small slice of humble pie, Disco, might be in order. Just saying...

    • Pretty dramatic, really all of humanity. Just people trying to make a buck.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • To be fair, the Nichols article makes an excellent point and rather a new one. Don't be too dogmatic about what kind of data to discount.

      Acadia did a subgroup analysis of a PIII trial that showed meaningful efficacy. Many investors just discounted that. NEVER trust post hoc analysis--is the mantra. They were wrong in this special case, and Nichols points out why that could have been seen at the time.

      ImmunoCellular has positive data from a small PI study. Many investors just discount it. NEVER trust a PI that's small and that uses historical comparisons--is the mantra. Nichols's thesis is that here too we have a special case. A reliably fatal indication in which a treatment has allowed some patients to pass the five year survival mark.

      I like the analogy. I like the point. There are exceptions to certain "hard" rules regarding what kind of data to trust. I haven't discounted the ICT-107 PI data for just the reasons he points out.

    • Disco,

      You obviously have more knowledge than the average bear. Why not embrace the system and your expertise and join the writer ranks. I for one feel much more informed reading these posts, but many will never go to this level, let alone do the research many of you do.

      You can't deny a guy like Springer has had success moving the market (whether its impeccable timing of just informing those that can't/won't do the homework you do). You and others on this board have understanding that many will never have - maybe you can help your investment goals and humanity at the same time :)

      Good luck to all


    • Disco, I'm been irritated about this point for many many years, since I started investing in bio. I agree with you 100%. I, for one, have my core position in IMUC which I will not consider touching until we know phase 2 results. But who's to say you can't buy some additional trading shares? It's seems that this Springer guy can cause quite a splash on pps. Is this wrong? IDK--it's just making some extra money in my eyes.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • lolololol now you see this? I told you, nothing but plastic traders and lemmings.

      Alot of us spend time looking into this stock on a daily basis because we have an interest and/or simply have a lot of our money invested in this asset and I'm not not gonna name folks but I was sooo surprised a few weeks ago when I saw a few longs either talking about selling shares of IMUC because of the price downturn or were doubting themselves about buying more shares around $2. i couldn't believe it.

      i didnt buy any because i have too much IMUC in my portfolio and i bought the majority of it well under $2 but I have zero idea how anyone who had been on this board for months/years not see that opportunity, nothing had changed fundamentally.

      You people have to allow yourself some room to handle the huge swings in a biostock and have money on the side to buy when the opportunity comes or at have enough margin in the account to weather the downturns.

      And yeah im going to say it : Told you people, once all the new ids come to the board then imuc was going back up. Well . . and just look at your responders to this thread here, who are these people? Never seen these Ids before.

      Anyway, looking forward to IMUC developing the pipeline.

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      • Troubles,

        At least the removal from the Russell 2k was an actual event that resulted in the forced selling of the stock from index funds. I attribute those posts to insincerity from shrewd shorts seeking to piggy back on the dumping. We have actual evidence of this in the short interest. So, we know why this went down and we know the poster's motive. Brian Nichols is sincere. If you want to buy based upon what he said, you should either believe something new that you otherwise didn't know or believe that someone else believes something that were otherwise unaware previously (which is in itself depressing because you think that everyone else is an idiot). It is as if people see more truth and relevance in this article than in any actual fact. Does that resonate as right to you, even coming from a plastic trader?

      • I agree with you, troubles.
        I, too, am heavily invested since very long and bought well under 2$ a piece.
        And if you care to look, troubles, I have been around on and off (annoyance!) this MB very long. So, please, let's try to respect other people's opinions.

        Sentiment: Buy

    • Let's not get carried away, folks. It's all computer trade amplified volatility. I ain't see nott'n yet.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Get over yourself dude.

      Joe Springer's comprehensive and objective summary will lead to more lives saved than you 'being here first'.
      High-five, though.

      Check out his 31pg light-shedding summary of MNKD...much more 'humanity changing' than your research and your "not because" speech.

    • That's a bit of a pessimistic view. I think a large part of it is that the articles (the one today and the bigger one to come shortly) are making investors aware of IMUC... their science, their trials, and their results. IMUC isn't exactly Apple or Macys, and a lot of people don't invest in a $2 stock with no revenue that they never heard of before.

      Articles raise awareness. Awareness raises demand. Demand raises share price. I anticipate seeing a nice build up over the next month, and perhaps a bigger build up leading into trial results.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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