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  • nostradomus33 nostradomus33 Aug 8, 2013 8:14 PM Flag

    Dr. Keith Black, who is the Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board for IMUC

    He devised a novel therapeutic approach in which cancer cells are harvested from the individual patient, cultured, and genetically altered to remove their capacity for producing TGF-beta. Reintroduced into the patient's system, they stimulate the body's natural immune defenses. The immune system responds immediately to the re-engineered cancer cells, and continues attacking whatever cancer cells surgery or other therapies may have missed. Dr. Black has continued his exploration of the body's natural capacity to defend itself against cancer, extracting a patient's white blood cells and training them in the test tube to search out and destroy cancer cells. In laboratory rats, this process successfully eliminated glioblastomas, among the most pernicious brain tumors.

    If it works in rats why cant it work in humans right? Lets all hope it does

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    • Dr. Black is very innovated on treating Glioblastomas. He comments that this is a very fast and disabling cancer that can actually result in death in 3 to 6 months, when diagnosed with advanced form. Most people die in about 15 months post-diagnosis.
      Ok, as most know; 3 out of the 16 treated in Imuc's first trial are disease FREE after 5 years. This is truly unheard of.
      Yes, it is obvious that everyone reacts differently, but this is over 25% in Trial I that are disease free. 6/16 are still alive.
      The latter form of brain cancer is called Glioblastoma Multiforme and many patients are diagnosed in this stage because of the lack of symptoms until the later stage. Not only does ICT-107 fight cancer, but in some it reverses the already brain damage, as in the case of Mary Wong.
      64 events is when the data will be released...meaning after 64 patients have lost their battle. Keep one thing in mind...clinical trials with Glioblastoma Multiforme can vary due to where the tumor is, how large it is, and to the fact of not knowing how long one has really had the tumor growing. Many patients can pass away very quickly, so 64 events could be coming very rapidly; especially in the non-ict-107 patients. Even if Ict-107 only works in 25%, that will be good enough considering there is nothing else that remotely compares with this.
      The big worry is that the first trial only had 16 pateints, but look at SRPT. These are both very debilitating diseases that result in death, so if Phase II can come close to matching Phase I, I believe ICT-107 will be a Lock in for approval and this market cap could run to a couple Billion bucks in a hurry.
      For what we know right now, it really sounds good and should be approved as quickly as possible as it can literally save lives.
      Right now, with the absolute Best Standard of Care Treatment, GBM patients most will be gone in a year to 15 months. This is a Horrible cancer and if ICT-107 is confirmed in this ongoing trial, its good for everyone.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • cont...We have developed a new approach to immunotherapy, and have successfully demonstrated its efficacy in treating highly aggressive primary brain tumors in rats. In the Fischer rat GBM model ('F98'), a single immunization led to an increased mean survival time of about 300% and 30% of the treated rats were completely cured of their tumors. These results were shown in more than ten independent experiments. An improved protocol featuring multiple immunizations enhanced survival; all treated rats remained alive even after 6 months, while all untreated animals died by 5 weeks following inoculation with the brain tumors.

      This correlates with the phase 1 study that 6/16 (37%) are still alive after 5 years. Again this is rats but still..

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      • Very Compelling argument to say the least. TEN studies backed this up?
        WOW, all treated Rats were alive after six months and untreated rats were dead by 5 weeks.
        Come on People, now are you beginning to see why we are invested in this?
        Immunotherapy is the future, whether using antigens, stem cells, enhancing monocytes or others, IMUC is on to something and this is just the tip of the iceberg as what's to come.
        This is just by using a shot into the armpit that migrates via lymph nodes to stimulate the immune system to recognize that the cancer stem cells are foreign.

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