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  • mrbogus411 mrbogus411 Jun 27, 2014 9:20 PM Flag

    How far from Phase iii

    After reading a little about ICT107, I opened a small position, just from a trader's stand point, not yet an investor.

    There was a Seeking Alpha article that emphasized the PFS success for the HLA A2 group. So if there's going to be a future for this treatment, it looks like it will be specific to a subset of GBM patients. But even for that subset, a buck-fifteen sounds really undervalued... considering the PFS was *considerably* longer than control. That's what I'm putting my money on, but I haven't followed this company for very long. I'm wondering how far away a Phase iii is, what obstacles there might be? With such a great result for that HLA A2 subset, I would expect it to be soon, no? Much appreciated if you'd share.

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    • Chance they will raise more ash before phase III?

    • It's fine to hold until PHASE 3 and I think the result will be out in 2015....i THINK this stock will go between 1 to 2 dollars and it won't drop below 1 buck because we have no bad news.....MAKE sure you sell before PHASE 3.......PHASE 3 is always fail's not easy to pass phase 3...this company has weak pipeline.....just buy and hold until 1.50/share or higher than sell..i believe they will PUMP up again

    • All good questions, which I think nobody knows yet. I've be in IMUC for 18 months and hoping for Phase III by the end of 2014 or first quarter 2015. Good things come to those who wait. GLTA

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      • After doing a bit more reading, I think it comes down to whether or not the FDA will accept PFS as a primary endpoint for a Phaseiii.

        ... Which really sounds like an uphill climb. But considering how serious GBM is, and that the only approved treatment isn't that great... I think ICT107 is in a unique position of strength. But again, I feel like it comes down to getting the FDA to OK PFS for Phaseiii.

        Also, just echoing what you said about 2014, yeah I saw a blurb here and there that IMUC will be in talks with regulators "over the summer." I hope they see the value of having another bun in the oven, especially with the incredible PFS results over the control.

      • So no exact month was given for Phase III? Disheartening. I have been vaguely following IMUC as well.

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