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  • LA_Lost_Boy LA_Lost_Boy Nov 14, 2001 4:39 PM Flag

    You are foprgeting one major thing

    You stated, "CRIO needs to increase its revenues in the next time otherwise it will loose the war against time. We should not forget that CRIO only has around 87000 in cash (enough for around 5-6 quarters)."

    This is not entirely accurate. Loss for quarter does nto equal cash burn rate.
    If I recal right their cash burn rate is only about 8M. Thus 87 million would last almost another 3 YEARS. And this would be without any growth and or continued cost cutting.
    CRIO has been signing many deals lately, which is amazing considering the economy and lack of new IT spending.
    Most analysts are prediciting a mid 02 recovery for economy. Most recesions only last 12-18 months on average. We are already apporaching the 12 month area, so mid 02 makes a lot of sense.
    All in all CRIO has cut their losses dramatically, slowed their burn rate, and have signed better deals taht have better margins.
    I agree the key is revenue growth. If they can start to sequentially grow revenues, I think we will se a rather rapid recover in stock price.
    I would love to make some money quick and easy hear, but I think this is gonna be more of a long haul. But all who stick around for the haul, will rewarded quite generously!!!