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  • LA_Lost_Boy LA_Lost_Boy Nov 26, 2001 11:00 AM Flag

    $1.30...nice way to close the week

    yamaha, I think you are being a bit optimisitic on your timeframe. If CRIO saw profitability in the next 6 months as a possibility, they would promote it in their PRs. I am not saying I wouldn't LOVE to see it, but I just think it is a bit further out.
    Right now I am just happy to see them getting closer with every quarter. Almost all the analysts on CNBC are calling for mid 02 economy bounceback, and todays headline on bloomberg was, techs up on expectations of mid 02 bounceback in economy.
    With CRIO's cost cutting, it shouldn't be that difficult for them to get to profitability if they can continue to sign contracts. Heck they have been doing pretty good during this recession, imgane how welll they will do when IT spending starts to pick up..

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