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  • LA_Lost_Boy LA_Lost_Boy Oct 17, 2002 5:32 PM Flag

    Cash burn is down AGAIN

    3.8 Million.. Dramatic drop..
    With $50 Million in Cash, that allows over 3 years of cash, if they don't continue to cut cash burn...So Cash is not a problem..
    Expect Q4 cash burn to be $3.5 Million.
    QCS will have positve affect in Q1 2003, which starts in January.
    Expect $75-80 Million in Revenues for 2003 with positive EBIDTA during the year...
    They said it would take about $24 mil. a quarter to be EBIDTA positive..
    The third quarter was ninth consecutive quarter of declining EBITDA losses and, excluding the initial costs associated with servicing our QCS acquired customers, the fourth consecutive quarter of positive gross margin..