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Corio, Inc. (CRIO) Message Board

  • LA_Lost_Boy LA_Lost_Boy Oct 20, 2000 11:19 AM Flag

    Back at that $5 level

    We need break $5 to make a decent run. It has hit
    this level 3 times in last 9 days, but has been unable
    to break..

    BWAY (#2 ASP) is up 11/16..They
    are picking up steam..
    That is what I hope is
    happening here..All it takes is a little excitement for the
    ASP sector and a positive market, and we could easily
    Only about 12 Million shares have traded below the IPO
    level. While about 32 MILLIOn have been traded above IPO
    level, and about 19 Million of that was at above
    People want to see a run. Profit taking at this point is
    pretty much a non-issue. So if this one decides to make
    a break for it, we should meet little

    Right now market is still trying to decide if it is
    going to run..We need a positive NASDQ today and
    Monday, and I think most peoples fears will start to
    Good luck all..