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  • LA_Lost_Boy LA_Lost_Boy Oct 22, 2000 4:46 PM Flag

    Re: CRIO - Overreaction (Too Much in One

    I don't agree..look at what BWAY did last
    week..They made several big percentage gains..
    biggest day gain was followed by another big day gain..
    Look on the 16th..They made around 40%, just to add
    another 22% on the following day..3 days later they gain
    another 30%...

    BWAY is #2 ASP, CRIO is #3, but
    gaining ground..
    There is absolutely nothing to say
    CRIO will not $7 or even $8 or high tomorrow..
    need a positive market and and continued run by ASP
    If USIX joins in, we could make a serious charge..

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    • I dumped CRIO for a $4.50 profit on the first day
      of trading. At least one smart move I have made this
      year. The prospectus for this offering made me flinch,
      so many options being granted to officers, tech
      partners and the underwritters. The value of the IPO was
      diluted by more than 75% the moment it hit the street,
      and the anticipated losses are staggering.
      remains on Goldman Sachs reccommended list. Might buy
      back some shares this week. Mahalo!