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  • It is only a matter of time before Cisco buys
    FVCX. The chairman
    of CSCO sits on the board of
    FVCX for a reason and that is to stay in touch with
    the broadband video conferencing potential. When the
    the service provioders are ready to implement the
    video networking equipment, Cisco will buy FVCX because
    they have the best technology and Cisco doesn't want
    to fall behind in this huge potential market
    opportunity. Just look at what they paid for Cerent and
    Monterey Networks today== 7 billion dollars.

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    • july 15 calls up 28 percent at open , charts show 18 by sept 18 jets look good in preseason

    • Have been looking at FVCX.
      See thay are making inroads with RBOCs on their ATM platforms
      (most notably on east coast.)

      Would lke to hear some opinions (no ranting from LONGS or SHORTS.)

    • I'm a migrant computer aerospace/avionics
      engineer. When I broke my ankle and leg in Minnesota, I had
      nothing else to do but work. I felt like I was in prison.
      Figure I needed some time off in Fla to stare at
      bikinis. Now have a gig outside of Philadelphia. Hanging
      onto FVCX for the long haul, or until more depressing
      news changes my outlook. I loaded up with as much FVCX
      as I could, while my broker places this stock in the
      Cash account. That hurt, because I couldn't accumulate
      more of TUTS and QWST yet. Wanted the job so I can buy
      more stocks. Want to be in a strong cash position
      before the panic herd sells off into the Y2K scare
      starting after the October earnings. Be careful, good

    • Could you please take another vacation?? Maybe we will see you @$20 when you come back.

    • From 10:02 to 10:14AM(Eastern time), FVCX was
      taken down from $9.00 to $7.25 with only 44,600 shares
      changed hands. Then as soon as it reached $7.25, starting
      from 10:15AM, BIG buyers came in and start
      10:15 - 11K
      10:16 - 19.5K
      10:17 - 8.7K
      10:18 -
      10:19 - 15.1K
      10:20 - 7.6K
      10:21 - 2.6K
      for a
      total of 74.9K shares in 6 minutes and that brought
      FVCX back up to 8 15/32.

      The earthquack
      happened in very short 20 minutes and someone picked up
      75K shares at bargain prices in a big hurry.

    • open for everybody to examine. Let them be the
      judge. I am not interested in getting into name calling
      game with you. For one, I don't believe you are long
      on this stock, not for a minute. We all welcome
      facts(positive or negative), but that's NOT what you have been
      Take my advise and stop embarassing yourself.
      Good bye and I won't respond to your msg. anymore.
      I'll let others do it.

    • This board should only be for the POSITIVE. I
      have thrown facts...(here is a key word, for even a
      DRUNK like you), FACTS on this message board. I have
      been long this stock since February, probably before
      you knew Jack Sh!t about this company.

      must be a drunk. Or a recovering alcholic! Since this
      is the second time you have used this statement
      toward me.

      I have not shorted this stock. So I
      don't have a biased opinion. But if you can't handle
      criticsm on this pup, you need to take a LONG BREAK and
      find yourself.

      You have become way to

      The stock has rebounded nicely. But I did pick-up a
      few more shares on my open order at $8

      The Doc

    • Someone tried to short this stock this morning
      thinking it will be the right time(slow trading day plus
      general market has been down lately) to make some quick
      money. Whoever who try to do it(Doug1??) got spanks
      immediately. What a idiot!!

    • i am out now, its falling like a rock.

      will again get in at 6 15/16 to 7

      good luck to all

    • I decided to take your Doc title away because you
      don't deserve it. I have concluded that you are drunk,
      totally drunk! Everything you have said so far has been
      proven to be false. Give yourself (and everybody else) a
      break, stop embarassing yourself.

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