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  • sherpacheese sherpacheese Oct 1, 1999 8:04 PM Flag

    Is there a place to access this report?


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    • we may have bottomed today and can have a close up? I have a buy in for more at 12 3/8 or better.

    • Looks like we are getting into a narrow trading range untill 3rd quarter profits or losses are revealed. probably bounce between 12 and 13 unless the institutional buyers hear something first.

    • vy. Cost effective too.

    • my_wife_got_fired_I_drink my_wife_got_fired_I_drink Oct 8, 1999 10:48 AM Flag

      TeraGlobal Hosts Nationwide `Virtual' Developers Conference
      Utilizing TeraMedia Communications and Collaboration
      Network Service

      Utilizing its new TeraMedia(TM)
      service, the four-hour ``virtual'' conference linked 29
      engineers in eight states across the country, including
      California, South Carolina, Massachusetts, Utah, Washington,
      DC, Iowa, Florida and Texas, in an integrated
      real-time network with full communications and
      collaboration capabilities for all participants.

      The conference was a working demonstration of the
      TeraMedia service, which was first demonstrated publicly at
      the Seybold Conference on August 31st and formally
      launched at the Motorola ``Horizons `99'' Conference on
      September 13th. The new point-to-multipoint communication
      technology seamlessly combined audio, video and instant

      ``The TeraGlobal engineering team uses
      TeraMedia to build the underlying technology. We do not
      know of any other solution that will let a distributed
      engineering team collaborate in real-time with voice, video,
      and media in a secure fashion,'' said Grant Holcomb,
      CTO of TeraGlobal. ``Currently, 47% of my engineering
      staff works out of their home and we are seeing
      significantly greater productivity over a traditional
      office-bound commuting work force.''

      virtual conference contrasted with the Company's last
      developers conference held in San Diego, California with
      more than two dozen engineers traveling for up to one
      and one-half days each to attend the four-hour
      meeting at an aggregate travel and lodging cost of
      $55,500, not including lost labor and non-productive

      TeraGlobal Communications Corp.'s new
      service, called TeraMedia, allows customers to share
      media-rich (voice/video/data) communications and
      collaboration across a secure, dedicated all-ATM network.
      TeraMedia utilizes the Motorola MPC7400 PowerPC
      microprocessor with AltiVec technology in the Apple Power
      Macintosh G4 computer system to achieve its revolutionary
      speed. The service integrates the hardware, software,
      network, and advanced compression technology necessary to
      deliver real-time, point-to-point and
      point-to-multipoint, interactive communications and collaboration
      solutions -- saving customers time and money while
      enhancing workflow efficiency and personal productivity. It
      has been described as revolutionary in its ability to
      transform the organizational communications landscape.

    • Only one firm seems to be in print on a regular
      basis regarding FVCX. H.C. Wainright has FVCX listed as
      a strong buy and is looking for low to mid 70's
      next year. My reading tells me that their analysit is
      not yet counting any revenue from the new portal
      product in that figure.

      Wondered if other folks
      had noticed the company's spin away from the
      education, medicine and justice market. FVCX had
      historically made a press release every time they signed a new
      contract in one of these markets. Believe efforts are
      being made to change PERCEPTION in marketplace. FVCX
      would like to be known as enterprise solution provider
      which of course is more sexy than not-for-profit
      government and education market. Company says business has
      never been better in the boring bread and butter market
      (pays most the bills every quarter).......Rich was very
      strong in stating on last conference call that revenues
      AND margins AND order visability were all increasing
      for both 3rd and 4th quarters as well as 2000. These
      are not portal revenues he was discussing.

      believe earnings will exceed estimates by 1-1.5 million
      and earnings will be slightly negitive with Rich
      giving very positive guidence about 4th quarter. At some
      point the market will have to begin placing a value on
      future portal earnings..........that should start with
      the Qwest announcement. I stand by Rich since his
      tenure with the company he has been dead on with his
      guidence and comments. After all when's the last time you
      heard Ralph in the press ?????????

    • Where did you see the expected revenue numbers
      for this year and next year. I hope they are correct.
      However, all I know so far looking at the financials at
      TMF for FVCX is in 97 revenue increased about 50%, 98
      100%, but so far this year after 2 quarters, revenue is
      only equal to half of last years. That means so far
      FVCX has not made ground from last year since sales
      are not increasing. I guess you could argue since
      sales to Nortel are decreasing the must be making it up
      to break even and I prefer the diversification. I
      just hope the growth gets back on trake. I am far from
      a cheerleader and like to keep things in
      perspective and look at both sides so don't take any of this
      the wrong way.

      Revenue last year was $38
      million as posted at TMF. Also, don't hold me to this, I
      am researching it right now, but it looks like cash
      flow is decreasing and expenses are growing. Two
      things that don't bode well.

      I did finally get
      into FVCX today as I feel it has come down to a little
      more realistic value but as I research deeper into the
      fundamentals of the company so far I do not seem that
      impressed and quite frankly it scares me. I DO think news,
      low relative float and earnings will move it though
      and there is the potential still in the future for
      changes but smart money only gets in when the financials
      have changed heading back in the right direction and
      so far this year is looking horrible.

      course, none of that will matter because many people just
      think "ohh, live video feed across a network, this has
      got to be the future". Even though there are many
      problems with thinking so, as long as it makes me richer,
      I'll be happy. ;-)

      Best Regards,

    • People are selling before earnings. I've seen it
      many times if you see the stock I have and how they
      move higher. It took 6 to 9 months before exploding.
      Examples FLSH from 4 to 15, SNDK from 12 to 96. When it
      explodes you don't even have a chance to buy. I don't care
      about day to day price swings. I look at the future as
      I did when I bought SNDK. Now I see good things
      ahead for FVCX,QWST,BRL,CDN,CNF,FDX,KO.

    • Thanks for the clarification. I meant to say 5 business days (meaning the 13th). That is what Yahoo is still showing.

      19th it is.

    • market exploded and this puppy is deflated!

    • I can't see it anywhere. This quarter not suppose to do good since contracts are just beginning to come in.

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