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First Virtual Communicati (FVCC) Message Board

  • sherpacheese sherpacheese Oct 1, 1999 8:04 PM Flag

    Is there a place to access this report?


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    • on the Silicon Investor message

      He too, is very bullish on FVCX.

      All things
      considered, not a bad week, given the market
      Looking for a nice rally around earnings


    • abcde_98.

      I agree. The drop this morning
      was a great buy opportunity. I covered my short and
      am waiting for it to dip a little lower to get in as
      the trend since Sept. 28th is still down for fvcx. I
      like to wait for a positive couple day trend reversal
      to buy in usually after a downtrend as stocks that
      rise to quick usually come back down, but if FVCX hits
      $12 or lower I probably won't wait and I will just
      jump in. Hell, if I get itchy, I may jump in before at
      a higher price than $12.

      Good Luck,

    • that the so-called drop in price today means
      absolutely nothing. The volume today was really
      insignificant, which proves that people are not selling FVCX.
      People who own this stock know that this company has
      great potential. The only thing holding back this stock
      is lack of news. But when the news comes out, this
      recent run-up will be only a minor blip on the graph
      when this baby takes off!!

    • MM quickly bring the price down to $12.25 then
      immediately raised price back up to $12.81. I don't
      understand why people are sometimes so desperate to get rid
      of their shares at any costs. especially when the
      outlook of FVCX appears to be so bright.

    • IMHO, but backed by DD. Get in while you can and enjoy the ride UP !!

    • Then day or two later 20% +PLUS MOVE.


    • Yes they currently occupy different niche.
      However they are converging and the boundaries blurry.

      VCST WPNE seem to be on a collision course. Intel also
      has this capacity.

      Colaboration by fvcx puts
      it ahead in broadband.

      The competition leads
      to the validity of a cultural change where we see
      each other as we communicate from a distance.
      Broadband is for thr business of image transfer in
      realtime. The others still leave much to be

      my 2 cents

    • my_wife_got_fired_I_drink my_wife_got_fired_I_drink Oct 8, 1999 10:48 AM Flag

      TeraGlobal Hosts Nationwide `Virtual' Developers Conference
      Utilizing TeraMedia Communications and Collaboration
      Network Service

      Utilizing its new TeraMedia(TM)
      service, the four-hour ``virtual'' conference linked 29
      engineers in eight states across the country, including
      California, South Carolina, Massachusetts, Utah, Washington,
      DC, Iowa, Florida and Texas, in an integrated
      real-time network with full communications and
      collaboration capabilities for all participants.

      The conference was a working demonstration of the
      TeraMedia service, which was first demonstrated publicly at
      the Seybold Conference on August 31st and formally
      launched at the Motorola ``Horizons `99'' Conference on
      September 13th. The new point-to-multipoint communication
      technology seamlessly combined audio, video and instant

      ``The TeraGlobal engineering team uses
      TeraMedia to build the underlying technology. We do not
      know of any other solution that will let a distributed
      engineering team collaborate in real-time with voice, video,
      and media in a secure fashion,'' said Grant Holcomb,
      CTO of TeraGlobal. ``Currently, 47% of my engineering
      staff works out of their home and we are seeing
      significantly greater productivity over a traditional
      office-bound commuting work force.''

      virtual conference contrasted with the Company's last
      developers conference held in San Diego, California with
      more than two dozen engineers traveling for up to one
      and one-half days each to attend the four-hour
      meeting at an aggregate travel and lodging cost of
      $55,500, not including lost labor and non-productive

      TeraGlobal Communications Corp.'s new
      service, called TeraMedia, allows customers to share
      media-rich (voice/video/data) communications and
      collaboration across a secure, dedicated all-ATM network.
      TeraMedia utilizes the Motorola MPC7400 PowerPC
      microprocessor with AltiVec technology in the Apple Power
      Macintosh G4 computer system to achieve its revolutionary
      speed. The service integrates the hardware, software,
      network, and advanced compression technology necessary to
      deliver real-time, point-to-point and
      point-to-multipoint, interactive communications and collaboration
      solutions -- saving customers time and money while
      enhancing workflow efficiency and personal productivity. It
      has been described as revolutionary in its ability to
      transform the organizational communications landscape.

    • I don't think FVC and WPNE are in the same
      market. Software along does not support good video
      quality and reliability. WPNE's customers are website
      servers and their product seems to allow them to provide
      additional video services to visiitors to the website, but
      the video quality and reliability will be less than
      adequate for many applications. For distance learning and
      corp./government VC applications, video recording/streaming, FVC
      should still dominate the market. I think this is a
      subject deserve more discussions here, anyone likes to
      jump in?

    • out those that don't have the stomach for wild
      rides. The news is good for this company. It could
      easily be at 15+, but the institutional buyers are
      probably waiting for a positive message for the Board of
      Dir. that they made a profit last quarter. Also since
      the members of stock excahange have first dibs, they
      could also be waiting, letting the MM take care of the
      odd-lot traders, and other investors that are buying in
      lots not sufficient enough to make a upward swing in
      the stock price. I believe that the Company could
      atleast hint that news is good or bad.

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