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First Virtual Communicati (FVCC) Message Board

  • sherpacheese sherpacheese Oct 1, 1999 8:04 PM Flag

    Is there a place to access this report?


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    • on the Silicon Investor message

      He too, is very bullish on FVCX.

      All things
      considered, not a bad week, given the market
      Looking for a nice rally around earnings


    • Now, if 1999Q3 by some chance ends up with
      breakeven or positive earnings, that will be a surprise and
      on that basis management and the stock price deserve
      to be very well rewarded, imo, and also, imo, FVCX
      deserves to be $5+ gain in the day or two around earnings
      as they've done much better than expected and it
      signifies the market has started to grow sooner than

      What is triple icing on the cake would be a deal with

      Quadruple icing would be if there is any mention that FVCX
      is providing their switched-virtual-circuits (SVCs)
      to Cisco (Cisco does not have what FVCX

      Quintuple icing would be recognition by people in the
      market that FVCX has caching technology - nobody seems
      to mention or care, and yet look at INKT and Network

      Sextuple, would be orders from Europe ... from

      7th would any company taking a stake in FVCX -- QWST
      ? ALA? how about waiting until January when FVCX is
      in the $20 range.

      FVCX steps just like that
      of IMCL, imo.

      Do I hear CNBC doing a segment
      on the sector? Surely, they would mention

      Where the heck is Cramer? Naw, better yet, stay away

      Hey Tokyo Joe and Anthony, this is a real company,
      well research, having a "killer app" - I'd get in and
      stay in BEFORE the analysts and CNBC

      Finally, as to the note mentioned above about Bear Stearns
      visiting GBIX's facilities earlier this week and that I
      had been there on Sept 1: I mention it with the
      mindset that hey, I visited the co (after doing research
      & watching the stock) and believe I have at least
      some smarts...and likely I've done research to the
      extent an analyst would do (I suspect companies will say
      more to analysts though). I've come up with my take on
      a company and, I figure if you don't believe me,
      then take the analyst's word...even if they arrive at
      the same conclusion later than someone else, it's
      their job and likely, if they had done so on the same
      date and time as me, they'd have the same conclusion

      My other point: I stand behind my assessment.

    • Two points here... they've built a network around
      some proprietary equipment (from their release "It
      integrates the VIA 188 MPEG-2 solution with other video and
      network technologies"). H.310 isn't mentioned. But that's
      ok, as the world is getting smaller they'll realize
      they need that too. I didn't see anything on the
      stored and live side of things. But that's ok too. SELL
      the heck out of it Lucent!

      Point two... Why
      should they sell the heck out of it? Not only does it
      furthur validate what FVCX is doing, but they never, not
      once in their release even eluded to mentioning
      MANAGEMENT. Ahhhh... Now we see how the world turns. : ) We
      all know that Lucent has had something to do with
      FVCX (I don't know what that something is though) but
      I'm sure this would be a good reason for Lucent to
      say to FVCX... "Oh great Microsoft of Video
      Management, could you please save me from

      Sorry, I'm feeling a tad silly this morning. Maybe too
      much coffee.

      Seriously, this could potentially
      mean a HUGE opportunity for FVCX. My 2 cents.

    • a message board please? There is no board for
      William Communication Group (WCG). I know it is not right
      to talk about another company on this board so I
      wont. Do your reasearch.

      Thank you in advance.

    • WCG used to own a division now known as
      MCI-Worldcom. It has 9000 employees. Its a deal to see such a
      big Co.'s IPO for less than 30. This is a giant in
      fiber optic comm. its bigger than LU.

      Good luck
      to FVCX. I'm still an FVCX investor.

    • CHEERLEADERS why don't u leave them on si bd
      where they choose to be? Won ain't the gospel of dow
      fvcx or anybody else except the fan club u r president
      of.I she took a shit with peanuts in it you'd put a

      Carter bunper sticker on.

    • Very lucid point. Thank you for your inane comments.

    • VC is"out of picture":

      The following is an
      abstract from's white paper regarding its Video
      Operations Center, Subtitled " Unleashes Video From

      "For years, video has been stuck on the ISDN network.
      Originally designed for voice calls, the ISDN network often
      delivers poor video quality. In addition, ISDN allows only
      "talking head" VC calls, with no access to othertypes of
      "Putting video onto broadband networks solves many of the
      quality and reliability issues of ISDN. In addition,
      users enjoy access to a much broader range of video
      over the network including: video broadcast, video on
      demand, recording and storage of video content."
      high speed broadband infrastructures are being
      built-up rapidly, ATM- and IP-based video services are
      quickly becoming the standard and is the leader
      with "future-proof" networking products.

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