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  • pigeonmate pigeonmate Jan 18, 2000 5:37 PM Flag

    last trade after hours

    was $13.625 at 17.04pm

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    • I don't think you'll be laughing much longer. I
      do agree this stock has had more than it's share of
      hype the last year, but I think the technology and the
      INFRASTRUCTURE is coming into place for the company to really
      take off. I've been long since Feb 99, and yes, SUNW
      and JDSU (long both also) have kicked FVCX's butt,
      but they can't ALL be big winners at the same time
      (at least not for ME! LOL)

      This might be a
      good opportunity to get back in, but obviously I'm
      just another poster on a Yahoo message board. Your
      call, big guy. Good luck in whatever you do.

      And good luck to you longs (we're all in this
      together), especially good old Capy in S. America. Here's
      hoping you break even soon, my patient friend. Best

    • you seem to know a little to share
      any detail with us......"patience grasshopper", a
      term used by some old and wise investors i know from
      the past....I'll be interested to see what transpires
      in coming weeks.....

    • "pray for no glitches with the testing"
      testing are you referring to? QWST?
      Also, what did you
      just learned(from what source? may we know?) that led
      you to believe FVCX will fly soon? If you can not
      disclose the details and/or source of your info., we will
      accept whatever you can spare us.

    • You are very much on the right track. Stay the course and pray for no glitches with the testing.

    • I agree, no need to fight over this. I ought to
      say upfront that I enjoy most of your posts and I
      have learned from some of them. And I did not say that
      management was "the problem". But I have to say again that
      failure to guide the Street is A problem, and Doug is
      correct, it has hurt us. I agree with him that our price
      would be higher today but for this problem. I am
      prepared to believe that our management team is
      hard-working and smart and 38 other wonderful things. But
      managing earnings expectations is a part of their job,
      too. And it impacts on our investment. They need to do
      better in this area. Now let's find something to agree
      on, like getting this thing to 14 tomorrow (just for

    • This company keeps announcing relationship
      alliances as some big deal. Deals usually involve money.
      This is just another on the come "deal" that might
      involve some money someday. If somebody offers something
      better this won't be a "deal" either.
      I've never
      seen a stock with more hype built into it than this
      one. Customers are "partners", alliances are "deals".
      Yet, they still report flat revenues. As they say just
      "show me the money". Then we'll all be impressed.

    • ran into a guy from qwest yesterday in the hall
      at work. talked for about five minutes while he said
      he hadnt heard of fvc, he did say that video was
      going to a major part of qwests plans. he also
      mentioned that lack of annoucements is not surprising since
      they wont be closing the US West deal til may.

    • I did say the shortfall was BAD news and never
      "pretend" that it wasn't. But that didn't contradict with
      my other assessment that the management team at is GOOD. In business, nothing is for sure and
      there are full of surprises. You asked if I was worried
      last Friday when the pre-warning was out. You want to
      know the truth? I was NOT worried. A sense of
      disappointment? yes!(Even Mr. beyer said he's disappointed! How
      can we not?) But not worried. Actually, I went in and
      bought more shares(see my other posts that day),
      encouraged others to follow suit and was criticized that I
      was "desperate" and "hyping."

      I do not intend
      to start a fight here. I simply disagree with your
      statement that management is "the problem." I feel that's
      very unfair to the hard working management team. Let's
      agree that we disagree on this matter.

    • Let's not pretend now that you never were worried
      about missing the number. I direct you back to message
      #6988 in which a very insightful poster (you) said:
      "FVCX Expects Bigger Loss!!" Those two exclamation
      points were yours. And you also said "THIS IS NOT good!"
      (All caps yours followed by exclamation point) I'm
      happy that you are convinced that management is so
      good. And I'm not convinced that they are so bad. But
      facts are facts. Yes, we have recovered nicely since
      the bad news but let's not now pretend that it wasn't
      bad news and didn't hurt us. It was and it did. And I
      for one believe that if that kind of thing becomes a
      pattern it will result in this stock trading lower than
      it otherwise would. So let's hope we've seen an end
      to the negative surprises. You were correct in post
      #6988. And yes, we all would do well to be patient. But
      I also prefer to be diligent and realistic. It's
      easy to slip into wishful thinking when you have a lot
      riding on a stock. Better to be tough and disciplined --
      and yes, patient.

    • by 1 ~ 2 million and the management blamed it
      solely on an "sure" order that didn't come through in
      time. Here are some of my thoughts:
      management MUST have been very sure that they will get this
      order by 12/30/99 so they did not disagree with the
      (2)Because of (1), I tend to believe that this missed
      contract will come, sooner or later,
      (3)Mr. Beyer
      confirmed that the missed contract was supposed to come
      from the telco which has been interested in
      "investiment infusion," presumably QWest,
      (4)My own
      experience told me that a potential contract involving not
      only sales but also "investment," is 10 times more
      complex and difficult to negotiate than a straight
      forward sale contract. Therefore, I am not surprised that
      this QWest deal takes so long to complete. If FVC had
      choice, it will probably be better off to separate the
      sale contract negotiation from that of capital
      infusion. However, I suspect it's not totally up to FVC.

      (5)If my above analysis is corect, then the "missed
      contract" should be pretty significant and that both sides
      want to do the deal. Mr. Beyer said that he's
      optimistic about closing the deal in the near future. Let's
      hope he is successful.(When you hooked up a 100 lbs
      tuna on 40 lb line, you have to be careful/patient
      fighting the fish or you break off the line!)
      personally feel the management team at is doing an
      excellent job and that's one of the main reason why I am
      sticking with this stock. Like you, I have a lot of
      investment in this company.
      Good luck and be patient!! We
      will get there.

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