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  • pigeonmate pigeonmate Feb 29, 2000 2:13 AM Flag


    to you all on the worldwideweb.....if you want to
    look at a great site go to nothing to do with shares, but she is a beautiful
    lady, and a great designer of homewares, which is where
    you can spend some of your "hard waited for" profits
    from fvcx...

    yeeeeehaaa!!!and good luck to you


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    • Fvcx is a 100 to 200 dollar stock that's selling
      at 19. Hold your shares long term. I hold Rambus
      long term now it's at $300 per share. With good news
      out, it's time to buy more because this is just the
      beginning of beter times ahead. Why make a few thousand
      when you can make a million.

    • people will view FVCX as a longer term hold. They
      will take a "wait'n see" attitude. With the rotation
      of those taking profits completed by the time we hit
      $20/21 again, we will then have a group of investors who
      will hold some.

      Why important.... it further
      reduces the small float we all ready have!!!!!

    • Or at least I should proof read before sending. Pretty bad misspelling the title...Gzen

    • I asked about selling a week or so ago and a few
      folks told me to hold to the end of the month or until
      another runnup. Well I had a sell order in for $14 a few
      days ago that failed. So I chickened out and held.
      Glad I did because it may finally pay off. My ELON is
      getting day traded all day today while other play games
      with the market. I think some are selling off on FVCX
      to also take a profit but I am holding long. Now if
      RTHM would get on the ball...Gzen

    • are you still selling half your shares at 20? Revenue prospects look pretty good.

    • about the lawsuit.

    • I asked a question. They have a lawsuit for insider trading. I have not heard of any changes in that suit. If you have a link then post it.

    • to FVCX for FINALLY closing the qwest thing and
      to Rich Beyer for getting the industry recognition
      to present at this shindig!

      And a pat on the
      back to us poor long suffering bastards for holding

    • QWEST !!!!!!!
      R NEWSWIRE) Qwest Selects
      FVC.COM Video Services Solution
      Qwest Selects FVC.COM
      Video Services Solution

      Companies Usher in New
      Era of Two-Way Video Communications Over the

      Broadband Internet

      SANTA CLARA, Calif., Feb. 29
      /PRNewswire/ -- FVC.COM (Nasdaq: FVCX), the
      world leader in
      broadband video networking, today announced it has been
      by Qwest Communications International Inc. to
      support its Internet Protocol
      (IP)-based video
      services offering to customers. This is the first
      for FVC.COM's Video Portal service offering.

      Qwest has bundled FVC.COM's two-way video services into
      an innovative IP
      conferencing service. The result
      of the collaboration means that with a
      point-and-click, Qwest customers who purchase the service will be
      able to make
      two-way video calls as easily as
      surfing the Web and without the burden of
      start-up costs often associated with videoconferencing
      schemes of the
      The IP conferencing services
      are delivered using FVC.COM's Video
      Center, Web-based Video Portal and the extensive range of
      video systems developed by FVC.COM during the past five
      years. The Video
      Operation Center provides
      management, security and billing for video calls,
      meetings and video broadcast. The services are accessed
      using FVC.COM's
      Video Portal, a browser-based
      interface that brings video applications
      directly to the
      "Qwest selected FVC.COM to support its video
      strategy because they are a
      proven leader in this
      market and have the ability to scale to
      thousands of subscribers and a broad range of services,"
      said Lew Wilks, Qwest
      president of Internet and
      multimedia markets. "Qwest continues to lead the
      by aggressively introducing new services to the
      business user."
      "By combining Qwest's high-speed
      broadband services with FVC.COM's video
      and expertise, we are making a quantum leap forward
      in making
      two-way video cost-effective and
      reliable to the enterprise," said Rich Beyer,
      and chief executive officer of FVC.COM. "FVC.COM and
      Qwest are
      ushering in a new era of enterprise video
      applications, positioning video to
      become as important to
      the enterprise as voice and data are today."

      Qwest and FVC.COM have defined a multi-phase agreement
      to develop and
      deliver IP-based two-way video
      services, several components of which are
      underway. The parties intend to enter into a definitive
      regarding the final phase of this collaboration.