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  • eaglemind eaglemind Mar 21, 2000 1:22 AM Flag

    I dare to predict

    the time of upgrade. Based on the price activity
    on last 7 days, I think something will pop out on
    this Wednesday or Thurday. I have 72 hours to hide
    myself. Just trying to have fun here while waiting. As a
    matter of fact, i was the winner of the last "predict
    the closing price" game. Any challenges? oh, and be
    good to yourself.

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    • Q has chosen FVC and will deploy Click to Meet
      service sometime late spring or early summer. Q has
      completed its testing. As for FT, FT has been working with
      FVC for 4 years to develope the CODEC which is going
      to be integrated into video portal service. FT is
      now in beta testing, that by itself is a serious
      commitment because such testing cost lots of money. We also
      know the story about BT and BEL. All I am trying to
      say is that the overall picture is not as "shaky" as
      you have painted. On the contrary, I think the
      overall picture is quite promising and encouraging. I
      believe I have said many times before that one of FVC's
      biggest assets is its good, long term working
      relationship with telcos. This tie will not be broke easily.
      Then, I agree with everybody that FVC has to move fast
      and sign up more telcos as fast as it can. Whatever
      reasons that take those telcos so long to sign up with
      FVC will also apply to any FVC competitors. FVC is
      still the front runner of this video portal business

    • I'm not sure "they lost the battle" rather, they
      had the vision to see where things are headed and
      adjusted to the changing landscape. Are they ahead of
      everyone else? For now maybe, but as you can see from
      various recent announcements that may not be for long.
      The real or potential competition is not sitting
      around twiddling their thumbs. Time is against FVC
      unless they start capturing carriers.

      We may
      *not* see serious commitments to FVC's solution until
      their is more competition so that the carriers have
      something to compare against. From their perspective it's
      good to have competition in case FVC can't do the job.
      You can also bet that before a carrier commits
      they'll want to see some interoperability testing in case
      someone like PCTL or BWG really is a competitor that
      might be adopted by another carrier.

      Let's not
      be fooled by recent announcements - they are
      commitments to "test" that may turn into revenue producers.
      FVC is probably making it attractive (read EPS won't
      be good) for FT, Q, etc. to seed the market. The
      danger is that a competitor produces a better product or
      has more marketing clout and FVC becomes a great
      innovator but a crappy stock to own. There are plenty of
      stories like that out there.

    • my position, I wasn't trying to preach the portal......

    • AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 23,
      2000--Broadwing Communications, a wholly owned subsidiary of
      Broadwing Inc. (NYSE:BRW - news), and V-SPAN, a broadband
      communication portal (BCP), today announced a breakthrough
      approach to seamlessly integrating IP and ISDN
      videoconferencing technologies.
      The service will integrate PC
      and conference room systems attached to Broadwing's
      network or the Internet via web-based scheduling
      software. In addition, Broadwing and V-SPAN will offer
      video collaboration, which will allow customers to
      enhance traditional videoconferences with graphics and
      presentation materials. These new services will result in
      significant cost savings to customers. Dedicated services
      will be available in every city in the domestic United
      States, with ISDN dial services providing connectivity to
      users internationally.

      This initiative follows
      the February 28 announcement of Broadwing's Voice
      Over IP and IP/VPN eClass offerings and is a
      continuation of Broadwing's strategy of making the Internet a
      truly universal transport. IP video collaboration
      services are another step toward providing a complete
      ``transparent'' application network.

      ``This service is
      another element of Broadwing's commitment to empowering
      customers to become leaders in their industry through a
      complete IP solution,'' said Rick Pontin, president and
      COO of Broadwing Communications. ``We've created a
      package with V-SPAN that puts videoconferencing at the
      fingertips of companies of all sizes and offers unique value
      to customers.''

      Run over Broadwing's
      award-winning Gemini2000 IP network, the videoconferencing
      solution supports IP, ISDN, DSL and dedicated access
      lines, making it accessible to a wide range of
      customers. The network is designed to eliminate Internet
      congestion through its logical, hierarchical structure for
      efficient and effective network management. Gemini2000's
      unique, patented architecture ensures Quality of Service
      and unparalleled performance. In addition to
      providing multi-point videoconferencing capabilities,
      Broadwing and V-SPAN will offer web or intranet enabled
      conference scheduling and tracking software, as well as
      traditional call center oriented scheduling mechanisms, to
      allow customers to choose the scheduling method that is
      most convenient to them. The web interface enables the
      user to access an online directory by simply
      ``clicking'' the participants that are desired in a ``virtual
      meeting'' and connecting them on demand. The point and
      click service will connect two parties or multiple
      sites as needed on demand or scheduled, allowing the
      customer to seamlessly connect to any user on any
      transmission type.

      ``Broadwing's network offers the
      reliability, speed and availability that allows us to take IP
      video collaboration services to a new level. In
      addition, we've taken the complexity out of multimedia
      collaboration -- traditionally a huge barrier to these
      solutions -- and made broadband services easy,'' said
      Robert Mason, vice president of Business Development at

      Broadwing will be launching beta releases
      of this platform with V-SPAN in May with general
      availability in July.

      About Broadwing

      Broadwing Communications is a wholly owned subsidiary of
      Broadwing Inc. Broadwing Inc. (NYSE:BRW - news) is an
      integrated communications powerhouse delivering voice, data
      and Internet solutions to a variety of customers
      nationwide. Broadwing combines unparalleled customer service
      with a premier next-generation fiber network and
      award-winning IP backbone, to create data and Internet
      solutions that are innovative, reliable, and provide
      businesses a competitive advantage. Broadwing sets the
      standard for customer accountability with its
      first-in-the-industry Installation Guarantee. Headquartered in
      Cincinnati, Ohio, with 5,500 employees in 38 cities,
      Broadwing can be found on the Web

    • where its at, see the Broadwing/VSPAN press
      release. Competetion is a good thing. Means that others
      believe in the same vision. On the downside, FVC has the
      challenge of moving from an ATM manufactorer to an ASP if
      they want to provide the service themselves. That is
      not an easy transition. Broadwing and VSPAN have that
      expertise already built into their model. I think FVC
      should focus on partnerships to drive their portal as a
      solution of choice and not necessarily try to build
      themselves into a VASP.

    • FVC is focused on the portal and the ATM/H.321
      products are taking a major back seat. The H.321 market
      doesn't have much growth potential if any at all. I
      wouldn't be surprised if they made a complete move away
      from the ATM/H.321 as soon as they are making some
      money from the portal. If you notice the Senior Network
      Management Engineer is focused on management of gateways
      etc. When I think of a Network company, I think of
      what FVC's focus used to be, ATM networking that
      allowed video applications true QoS. They have lost this
      battle to emerging H.323 and IP streaming, and they are
      now focusing on the larger and more difficult aspect
      of networked video, directory services and video
      management. Video conferencing never took off because it was
      too hard to use, with the portal product users have
      the ability to make calls without remembering phone
      numbers, IMUX profile numbers etc.

      What I meant by
      not being a networking company was that the focus on
      the hardware is being moved to the portal, smart move
      on their part....

    • It will be more efficient to use integrated
      hardware alternatives than to use a software only one.
      Will software only be acceptable? For the short-term
      it may be the only inexpensive consumer level
      solution and that's why this product (and probably many
      others) will be useful to get VC going. But eventually,
      maybe the next major Intel product line, will have
      CODEC's integrated into the motherboard. We'll probably
      be gaga'ing over 10,000mhz CPU's *and* advanced
      CODEC's in the future.

      My $.02

    • FVC.COM is providing networking service via its
      video portal. Please read the statement I copy from
      FVC.COM website(Jobs Available):

      Senior Network
      Management Engineer

      This is a highly challenging
      and exciting position to help define and

      implement network management services for FVC.COMs Video
      and Video Gateway Servers. FVC.COMs Video Portal
      technology allows
      service providers to offer IP based
      video services to businesses around
      the globe.

    • seems that software decoders works well in dvd and is cheaper too. As microprocessor speeds go in excess of 1000mhz hardware decoding may find a tough sell. imho

    • Thanks for this information Jopemish. This is the
      kind of news I like to hear.
      So FVC is looking at a
      bright future. Is'nt it?
      And therefore we all are
      looking at a lot of profit, are'nt we? At least coming
      But, reading the statements of the stockbrokers
      involved, I get the impression that They aim for a
      stockprice of $22!
      On what basis than do some posting
      colleges predict a stockprice of $50 or even $100?
      got in at $10. So I am indeed looking at the
      possibility of bying a new BMW for my wife, if she so
      disires. $19 or even $20 is nice. Very nice.
      And at the
      price of last weeks $26 I can indeed imagine the
      selling need of some of us.
      But then again, are they
      stupid not to have waited for the outburst of FVCX, or
      was I stupid not having sold?
      $20 , $50 or $100
      why, on what basis?
      A friend of mine talked me into
      And I am glad he did.
      But on what basis are the
      predictions made?

      Please give me feedback?

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