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  • El_Capybara El_Capybara Mar 30, 2000 11:36 AM Flag

    What's going on with this stock?.....

    NOthing but good news, yet the stock is dropping today. Any ideas?

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    • drops in price. There is no conviction to these
      drops and they are usually short in duration. The low
      volume allows Market Makers to drop the price through
      selling (market makers maintain their own positions) with
      the hopes of inducing others to panic and
      The market makers even know where people have set
      stop losses and will sell to trigger them.
      should be seen as a buying op and nothing more. In my

    • Something seems to be brewing, first we have what appears to be good news with little stock movement and now movement (but the wrong way). Second El Capybara's question. Any ideas Jope?

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      • I see good business plan and good execution on
        FVC part. The VC infrastructure is being build up
        rapidly(Pacific Bell is promoting DSL with free installation and
        a low monthly fee of only $39. Subscribers have to
        wait 5~6 weeks to get hook up) If you are a true
        "investor", you should be happy with what's happening now. If
        you have extra money and can afford to take some
        risk, this's a good time to buy more FVCX, IMHO.
        me, the really really good news was announced the
        other day when FVC announced that it will start selling
        software only CODEC via website in Q2/2000. In case you
        don't know, most new PCs now come with USB port. A
        decent digital camera now sell for less than $100 can be
        hooked into the USB port. Let's say FVC will sell its
        CODEC for $50(Whitepine CU-SeeMe sell for $69).
        Suddenly, one can have a very decent VC end-point for
        $150(assuming you have a PC that has USB port). Now you know
        why I don't like PCTL, PLCM or VTEL. Let's further
        assume you subscribe DSL or better and Qwest formally
        launches Click to Meet service in late spring, now
        suddenly you can enjoy all kinds of video services by
        summer time.
        Another real thrill will be for FVC to
        form a joint venture with someone with deep pocket(Q?
        AOL? Yahoo?) to play host of interactive video ISP.
        Something like RealNetwork(which is for streaming only)
        except FVC's is two-way interactive. With the
        interactive video player FVC and France Telecom developed, I
        do believe that this "Real-IA-Network" is a good
        possibility. Of course, this is all just my fantasy.

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