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  • El_Capybara El_Capybara Apr 13, 2000 2:22 PM Flag

    9 5/16......Will

    we hit my prediction of 10? Looks like some institutions are buying some at this price!!

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    • FVCX's current revenues are generally a holdover
      from their prior business strategy and related
      products. Not click to meet, etc. Fvcx value is not in
      their prior business. The market's reaction to FVCXs
      current earnings is a kneejerk. The real question, is
      their technology going to be accepted by the telecos. I
      have thought so for a long time and am quite long
      accordingly. Although I am somewhat concerned at the lack of
      confirmation out of QWest and others. Does anyone have any
      comment, data, etc. on this?

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      • are the larger telcos (that we know of) who are
        negotiating with FVC for VC.

        At this moment,
        advertisements by these companies (Q, BT, BA and FT) include VC
        services. I see no reason for them to state that they are
        being provided by FVC. I also see no reason for them to
        confirm or disclose to the public that FVC is involved.
        In other words, the telcos customers do not deal
        with FVC to my understanding.

        When FVC made
        each announcement, there were acknowledgements by each
        telco at that time. To me, this is quite sufficient.
        However, I do understand your concern.