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  • tianyiinvest2013 tianyiinvest2013 Mar 12, 2014 3:35 PM Flag

    Tapering is continuing, interest will rise, bug gold will rise as well?

    No sense!

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    • dollars2come Mar 12, 2014 4:15 PM Flag

      What are you talking about? Tapering is whats keeping int. rates down. But no, they can't stop printing money, if they do, int. rates will rise. If int. rates hit 5.22%, the Feds won't collect enough revenue to pay the int. on the national debt. And then you have all the givens, like Soc. Security, WIX, Medicare, Welfare, blah blah that they'll default on as well. So if tapering continues, int. rates will remain low. If they stop tapering, int. will rise. That they can't allow to happen. No way. Eventually, the poop will fan. Gold will soar like an Eagle!

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      • D2, the market has done well in spite of 20 billion dollars in asset purchases reduced in the last four months. Interest rates will climb to about 3% by the EOY. Gold is only reacting to two things: geopolitical instability, and inflow of ETF's. This is an issue because it has not rallied on fundamentals. Plus it is in the middle of a downtrend that is succeeded by an extremely long uptrend. That downtrend has to this date has been short lived and is expected to continue its descent despite bear rallies like this one because the fundamentals of gold are not supporting them. This will most definitely see 1300 before it sees 1400. Hedge yourself accordingly .

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      • longs and shorts are all human being who want to make money.

        they are all brain washed by the media controlled by a very small group of elites.

        the key difference is that they are washed differently. That's why some become long some become short.

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      • so you are saying they won't taper?

        right now, it appears the trend is that they are starting to tapering. well, at least from all the public information I can see from media.

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