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  • cowboyman613 cowboyman613 Oct 28, 2012 5:07 PM Flag

    $CBIS up on Friday! Nice run. I think MJNA already ran. Will consolidate more. CBIS about to break out!!

    in my opinion.

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    • give up any informed investor knows your an idiot. there's a reason CBIS didn't move.

      1) Dilution - in such a major way... anyone who doesn't believe me read there income statement and statement of cash flows

      2) Huge management bonuses even tho CBIS has major quarterly losses - they get $300,000 for nothing? MJNA doesnt pay management any bonuses and they actually gernate income and shareholder value

      3) No Cash for further operations unless they dilute further to raise funds. They convert debt to stock and cut losses with stock and raise funds with stock. How can that be good for shareholders

      4) Shotty Science

      list goes one...

      im going to post this on every single post you make from now on... because i know you cant rebut to this and everyone should know

    • so sell the company that has explosive revenue growth for one that pays its management bonuses in the tune of $300,000 for major net losses?? or how about how they cover there losses with dilution every quarter. Check the financials... they pay off debt by converting it into stock. Or how about the 12 Million you lost... and selling millions of shares to cover it those losses... or how about the cash on the balance sheet... were you going to come up with the cash to continue??? your major profits or wait CBIS doesn't have profits... so right dilution again. Learn how to invest with the big boys.

      Its fun discrediting losers like you :)

      EVEN if CBIS ran a bit based off PR fluff and hype investors will sell like always because your financials are a mess. if the stock was so great and ready to break out wouldnt it have moved with the other MM stocks recently???... think about it your saying CBIS will break out??? based on what god news?? major profits??? Neither is your anwser

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