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  • fishook3 fishook3 Feb 7, 2013 9:45 AM Flag

    Gop controlled house is messing us up. They are on wrong side of history here.

    Democratic lawmakers from states that recently approved pot legalization measures are pushing a pair of proposals at the federal level that would end the national ban on marijuana -- regulating and taxing the drug instead.
    While the measures are giving the #$%$ movement some publicity in Washington this week, realistically, the bills are unlikely to pass the GOP-controlled House. Critics say legalizing marijuana will not provide the economic windfall proponents promise. They also argue that it would only worsen the drug problems facing states, which they say include addiction and violence.

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    • help_i_cant_stand_it_anymore help_i_cant_stand_it_anymore Feb 7, 2013 10:26 AM Flag

      My opinion is this congressional news will cool off any speculation in this stock/sector for some time to come. I can't be certain what the impact of the financial audit and plans to uplist will have on future price. It may be that this future event is already priced into the stock? Don't know. But I do know that the chart is not in a consolidation/distribution phase where buying is riskier than selling. As soon as the head winds calm down, I will keep you informed. There are some idiots who post here who consider my work as bashing. Quite the contrary. I do not bash, i do not intend to cheer lead. I am merely stating my opinion based on years of qualified experience and hoping to have civil conversation among men who can share ideas. My chart work and call from mid December saw this huge tsunami coming. I think my record stands well among followers. My sentiments at this stage: "extra cautious." As you can tell, I tend to trade more than buy and hold. I do intend to hold MJ stacks for the far foreseable future. But you can/will make more trading the rollercoaster than you will riding it around all year. It's not for everyone, I understand that.

    • It's Fox news for one thing and they don't even have the states correct.

      "Past November, residents in Oregon and Colorado voted to legalize and regulate the sale and use of marijuana recreationally by adults 21 and older."

      How about Washington and Coloado. Wow....... There is our news media today, more about what the controversy is instead of the reporting on the proposed bill.

    • You'll never go wrong underestimating the intelligence of CONgress.

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