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  • moses_on_wall_street moses_on_wall_street Feb 11, 2013 3:49 PM Flag

    A quick dip to 38¢ would be nice

    My limit order from earlier is so lonely.

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    • We'll see. I'm reinstating the order tomorrow.

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      • You may get lucky with a short dip. Today and tomorrow I see as the only days this week where such a thing would be possible based on my calculations. However I could of course be totally wrong (we all could). But honestly it is easy to see the strength in this stock in now being an long term investment more than a day trade. I agree with the above terry post. Most likely it will never or only albeit briefly see .39 again. I had mine at .39 this morning, it dipped and etrade was unable to pick it up. So I bumped it to .40 knowing I had missed friday's when I put in at .29. And certainly I did not want to miss this boat as I am holding long term on this one. I am not going to sell this stock, no day trading here, until I see 20-50 dollars a share or more. And even at 50 dollars a share I would only sell a small percentage. I predict there will be a day that people sell at 50 dollars a share and then later regret it as it legitimately climbs into the hundreds. MJNA is a portfolio company, diverse in its products, solid in it's financials and projections, and constantly looking for advancement. You may also want to research "Nuvilex, Inc. (OTCQB:NVLX) (the "Company")" They are a clinical stage provider of natural products and cell and gene therapy solutions for the treatment of human diseases, announces today it is establishing a new subsidiary, #$%$ Sciences, Inc. Given they are already in the business (kind of like the private Nutiva hemp oil) they may be an additional stock to look at if you are interested in this type of green rush. Everyone wants in on the pie. Nuvilex making such an announcement shows that corporations are paying attention to MJNA and now want in on the action as well. I am staying with MJNA as I am both a customer and proud shareholder. I love MJNA for their growth and also the potential it may help my wife's bone cancer from returning (see cancer (.gov) website on CBD and cancer). Buy as much MJNA as you can now and hold is my advice. Soon enough you won't see under a dollar again and those pennies you were trying to save will mean very little. Good luck!!!!

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • You had plenty of chances last week . . . sorry to say, but I believe you missed the boat!!! Doubt MJNA will see the $.30's again - next stop $.50's!!!

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