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  • stack977 stack977 Feb 13, 2013 6:55 PM Flag

    Im just wondering... Anyone wanna say their positions? I hope u have...


    I hope you have 10 million and never sell!! Me, i only have 75k @ .255 average, im happy with my spot and adding hopefully 25k more before im kinda priced out the big coin, semi-near future i mean. Even if you have 500 shares, your part of the team and deserve equal respect imo. Stay long and prosper!! You tube OVERGROW THE RADIO 1-10-13... awesome podcast with tripp from DIXIE ELIXERS, start watching at 16 mins or so. UP UP UP!

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    • sold enough @ 0.40+ to zero my risk. This audit gives us a better view of this company. A more complete picture than we get out of any other compamy in this industry. When this information is digested and accepted I will jump in with both feet

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    • Wow every one has a lot only have 6000 at avg cost of 10 cents

    • 20k shares @.028 and 03
      6k shares @ .17
      10k shares PHOT @ .08

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    • So it looks like we have several mil shares (i didn't do the math). some of these are not for sale. No matter what your position is thanks for holding onto them!

      Personally not going to share the number of shares, originally bought in the .12 range, and have added at 17, 21, 23, 31, 34, 35, and yesterday at .40. have another order out at .40 and 41, maybe those get filled, but will add no matter the cost on friday. I have not sold 1 share, and do not plan on selling any shares until $2+ and that will just be enough to net out total investment. When I originally purchased from my spec funds, I wasn't planning on this kind upward movement so soon. The original purchase was a 4 year target sell for me.


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    • 15K around 33 cents ..... wish I could afford more , but I have too much tied up in those dmmm 6.00+ oil and gas stocks !!!!!!! oh well , I know everyone will drive to walmart when they get the munchies and need some chips !!!!! I'm good , and PES is cashing in nicely this week

    • 42175 shares @ 0.15. I'm waiting for $20, perhaps in 5 years time.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • 1.5 mil bought from .02 - .10 end of 2011 and 2012
      37k bought at .34 a couple days ago, was going to play with this. Sell high, buy back on dips. Haven't sold it though, some reason I keep thinking it will go higher.

      I went through a divorce, got half the cash from the RV and dropped 30k into MJNA end of 2011 and 2012. Im a STRONG believer in this company and sector. I live in San Diego and know this company well with lots of research and following it daily. I have a friend that takes the product and swears by it. I believe they have a Good Product and with potential sells through the roof. Its just begun.

      I was LUCKY! I am a single father of 2 girls ages 15 and 5. I have control of them with 60% custody. When I bought I was hoping to get enough for college. I almost sold half at .16 and then again at .42 but I just know this stock will hit $1 soon. I do have a Sale order in at $1 for 400k shares. That should guarantee the kids college.

      I know alot of people call me an idiot for not cashing out some or half. I believe this is my one and only shot to make it Rich. Yes I am being a little greedy. But as I stated before as long as the kids college is paid for Im happy.

      My goal
      Sell 400k shares at $1 for college
      Sell 37K shares when high and buy back cheaper
      Hold 1.1 mil shares until im rich enough to retire. Anywhere from $2 to $5 bucks or more! LOL

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    • have bought and shed share for two months and some. currently have only 2,250 @ a negitive avg price i feel i can afford to reload at any given point and not fear the ticker....IF THIS STOCK WERE A GIRL I"D KISS IT

      Sentiment: Buy

    • I have 420,000 shares at an average of .18. Another guy on this board is sitting on 1.5M.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I hold VERY little. I bought in at $0.17 almost two years ago on a joke buy with a buddy, which at the time also seemed pump & dump as it fell to $0.05 the next day. I've held on, it was so low it would have cost more in trade commission to sell than to just keep.

      All of a sudden it's gone ape $hit. I've been buying 100 here and there. I'm up to 425 shares. I'm not rich and very much a novice to the market.

      In for the long. Will continue to buy as we see progression. I'd like to own 5000 shares at least, but gonna see how this plays out next week after Sundays news.

      I don't want to lose what little I have invested, but I'm okay with it, the loss that is, if it turns out a scam. I have more tied up in higher end stocks right now, so this is just a risky, speculative gamble that I'm a big believer in.

      Sentiment: Hold

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