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  • dollars2come Feb 15, 2013 9:04 PM Flag

    If it was all BS

    It would been headline news by now and criminal allegations would be impllied. But If you notice, there is no news from any independent source. So one has to wonder. And yes I am long. But the fact the company didn't publish any rebutal makes me wonder.

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    • They are doing a lot of spin work with their reactions. All hearsay reactions. They put out hearsay about a delay on the announcement just to quell investors, but what would that delay really mean and why would that make anyone feel better? After that senseless quelling which people readily accepted as valuable when it inherently has no meaning...Well, after that, they said they might go ahead with the Sunday news release, which again is a play on words mostly as far as I'm concerned because I expect neutral news, and to release it on Sunday to me is for the purpose of providing an opportunity to look like "business as usual, we're not scammers and we're trying to erase the ugly posts our COO made before the next trading day." I just don't think pulling these kinds of manipulations makes sense and it's not going to work out. Looks really amateur, almost intentional. To be honest, the sparring that took place is so ugly. I wonder why the company has such messed up priorities. I hope they get focused and realize there is no action to be taken other than reforming themselves. The SA poster is not accountable for their bad leadership skills, I know they want to try to put it all on him, but they actually sort of put the spotlight on themselves here...

    • i just cant believe that people get all worked up over the BS on here if you would just do your re and read the charts! and stop falling for the traps on here to sell ur stock. you will all sleep better!

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Who's to say they won't? Do you expect it to be on your timeline or theirs? Wouldn't you want to give your legal representation sufficient time to draft the perfect statement?


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