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  • drewcaryrose Feb 16, 2013 7:22 PM Flag

    The Justice Department should be investigating SA!! MJNA has been Victimized!!

    I recommend MJNA and all shareholders that have had any Mental Distress/Financial damages due too AP's hot and cold opinion of MJNA!! Please send a letter to the Justice Department, The Attorney General, Yahoo and the FCC!! I am willing to bet you will see trends in how the stock traded and how SA's articles correlate with the specific performance of MJNA.. I have never seen such a "Hot" and Cold" opinion which changes so frequently! This is just my opinion but If a attorney, Yahoo, Justice Dept, Attorney General and FCC would look into SA and its employees; or any other company affiliated directly or indirectly with SA we would see a correlation in any positions they might hold and the performance of MJNA.. Never have I seen such hot/cold articles from any stock news site!! I am also concerned that Yahoo allows such a companies articles found on there site..?? I believe if Yahoo was aware of this ongoing situation with SA that they would take there articles off the site!?? I am sure Yahoo wouldn't want to be dragged through the mud by SA's reckless actions?? MJNA is a company that is at the Top of the Food Chain in the MJ industry... They will be the next Microsoft during the tech era as MJNA will be during the green rush which is just began!! The Government is cracking down on these boiler room news sites... I want to see what type of positions were being held by employees of SA . Also for SA and any affiliated companies directly or in directly !!?? If SA has nothing to hide then they should prove so by disclosing this to the Attorney General!! I am sure the Attorney General will announce what there finding are and what there opinion is regarding this issue.. I would like to see other companies that have been subject to the same type behavior by SA join the inquiry too!!

    MJNA is the investment of the decade!! Its a shame that MJNA and us shareholders are subject to such damaging/ slanderous lies!!! The time has come for a investigation into SA past,present articles as well as any positions past and present!! If someone has nothing to hide then this shouldn't be a issue for SA to do?? In fact they should be thrilled to do so!! I would like to see a government audit to confirm the facts!!

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    • doesn't Seeking Alpha have their own in house Fraud Squad to investigate such corruption?
      Any internal investigation on a private company would take months if not years yet one hit piece from some anonymous writer based in central america can cause a 25% price drop in an equity. Hardly a level playing field.

    • I'm not sure a letter would do much good, or even a lawsuit for that matter, but I'm no lawyer either. But what I do know is we should be hammering Yahoo to boot Seeking Alpha from their Web Site. SA is not a News Source when they will post what I considere a Blog from some uninformed Short who is trying to cause panic so they can make money. Contact Yahoo and voice your displeasure that they even associate themselves with SA. If enough of us do that maybe Yahoo will listen and try to save their own reputation. Just sayin!!............

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      • drewcaryrose Feb 16, 2013 8:44 PM Flag

        I believe Yahoo doesn't want SA's name associated with there site..! This is a good first step to a long staircase to walk up! The Justice Department is investigating many trading companies and companies associated with them.. If slanderous lies and articles and trades correlate then SA may have some big Issues ahead of them!! Not just SA but employees, and affiliates!!

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    • LETTER??? That won't do any good. A MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against SA & THE #$%$ BAG AUTHOR will provide MONETARY COMPENSATION to those who lost $$$$$$$ on Friday's Bogus SA article!

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      • drewcaryrose Feb 16, 2013 9:47 PM Flag

        I am open to any reasonable suggestions that are productive ! A letter or e-mail is documenting all of our concerns is a good first step to any legal recourse that would follow. Typically a certified letter is the first step to any complaint. Or if MJNA / Shareholders hire an attorney to file suit and subpoena SA's records as well as employees and affiliates directly or in directly. In our country due process is the way of law.. I as many on this board feel victimized as well as MJNA; we are on the same team!

        Nothing good results in acting on your emotions!! I love the saying "Don't get mad get smart"..!! Our legal system takes time and for recourse to happen instantly is not realistic! However, when the right channels are taken the results can be devastating! Especially if it went to trial by jury!! No mediators... No Judge... By us having a jury of our peers they will be able to relate to us as individuals! There is already a distaste for corporate america and there misconducts on the smaller companies and the individuals like us! The Justice Department has been going after these types of companies..

        Believe me if any legal recourse does take place and were successful ; SA will be paying more then you think! Jury's have been awarding "Huge" damages to the individuals like us!! The author will most likely be looking for work in Mexico as no one will want to hire him.. Also SA and the rest of there employees will be black balled by the news community! Working for this company could be a ruining to any writer/journalists future!

        I have seen it happen to a journalist before.. Last I checked she was ran out of town and wasn't able to find employment writing for anyone.. Her whole college degree was meaningless!

        The 1st step should be talking to MJNA about the best way to handle this!

        Anyhow this BS article shouldn't effect any future performance of MJNA... MJNA is the Buy of the Century and the proof is in the pudding.. For some idiot reporter to risk his lively hood trying to get in cheap shows what lengths people will go to get in MJNA cheap!!

        MJNA will be the Best Buy of your lives!

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    • they should investigate like heck...

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      • drewcaryrose Feb 16, 2013 8:10 PM Flag

        We as shareholders should be calling MJNA main office asking what they feel our recourse should be?? I am sure there is room in the budget to have legal representation to investigate and determine if laws have been broken and if we can prove damages?? I believe we can but i am not an attorney.. However I understand the law and believe if all the hot/cold articles have any correlation with any positions SA had or any of it's employees or affiliates directly or in directly had? If this correlation shows the patterns I think it will then I believe damages can be confirmed..

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    • drewcaryrose Feb 16, 2013 7:29 PM Flag

      Correction above: SA is to take place of AP's.. Sorry typo!!

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