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  • ayeiamjoe Feb 22, 2013 5:50 PM Flag

    Serious question about future for MJ and companies related....

    If the MJ industry takes off and becomes legal like it is starting to across the U.S., will the big boys sit back and let it go or get in on it?

    Sodas, Alcohol, Candy, tobacco, fertilizer, fast food (Pizza!), all of these cash rich industries will want in on the action/industry and not be held hostage to small cap businesses.

    This may be a winner short and long term, I've already won a good amount off of MJNA from .04, but very long term, will they dominate, or will a giant, cash rich industry take over during an equal marketing opprotunity like this in the "New MJ world of U.S. Business Marketing and Franchises in the U.S."?

    I recall an article where MJNA is willing to sell out to the right price about 6 months ago and don't blame them one bit if they do.

    I say beware big tobacco, they have lost a lot and have the ability to take this over across the board on a grand scale as a new industry, they already know how to mass produce the product and have done it for many years with tobacco.

    Government is likely to open up the industry to equal competition for established producers of related existing products to compete in the approved areas for MJ products, the big industries will dominate (more tax revenue immediately), but this is just the beginning of a new industry, I hope MJNA stays and dominates, but they have big, BIG enemies out there who want to be the controlling party in this industry, watch when the big companies either work together or start to fight, but no way they let this go without getting involved and trying to take it over....

    I always joked for over 25 years in the past about buying a pack of "Marolboro Super Golds" that would be MJ of the best quality and the government would tax it big time, who knew that the day might actually come to pass?.... Hope it does, and hope MJNA finds its own space and survives.

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