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  • barrybook2001 barrybook2001 Feb 26, 2013 10:52 AM Flag

    Cannavest Issue ... still waiting

    I certainly hope that MJNA answers the ongoing question of Cannavest .......... Once that is done in a satisfactory manner, I will gladly buy back in.

    Disclosure - sold everything - waiting for MJNA to explain the Cannavest deal in a satisfactory manner before buying back in ....... so far, no response from MJNA or Stuart Smith:

    Read this. Digest it. Check it out. Do your DD. If this does not make you concerned and go HMMMMMM ... nothing will.

    MJNA issued a press release and a filing containing their 2012 results. Among reiterated 2012 revenue and income figures, the filing details the major actions taken by MJNA during 2012, including subsidiary acquisitions and operational highlights. Some additional details that were missing in the audited Q4 financial report have been explained in greater detail in the filing, such as the announced $35 million deal for the sale of hemp oil inventory produced by PhytoSphere.

    The filing revealed that the purchasing party is a certain CannaVEST Corp., an entity currently trading, or rather barely trading, under its old name ticker symbol FCLS or Foreclosure Solutions, Inc., at $5.00 per share. The MJNA filing additionally states that CannaVEST has the right to execute the entire stipulated payment of $35 million in stock, latched at prices ranging from $4.50 to $6.00 per share. It also appears that the first $4.5 million installment declared as already paid was also in shares, with no guarantee that the following payments will be in cash.

    CannaVEST looks like it would have a hard time paying in a different way. As of its latest quarterly report for Q3 of 2012 it declared zero revenue since inception in 2010 and $163 in total assets, giving it a very shell-like appearance. Additionally, CannaVEST's one-man-army, Mr. Michael Mona Jr., CEO, sole board member and sole employee of the enterprise, held over 37 million MJNA shares as of last week.

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    • just don't buy. you'll just get left behind

    • joe Feb 27, 2013 9:55 PM Flag

      More internet mis-information.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Barry.... I dont think you will get any explanation from mjna ....I never got an explanation as to how mjna claimed in Dec 12th PR to have 1000's of acres using indoor growing technologies the cost of which would be so much more than $35 mil and would require many employees to operate such a large scale operation none of which were reflected in 2012 audited financials or photo galleries on their mjna or facebook website or in Cannavest 8-k as Mr Mona did not acquire any employees in deal which seems absurd but he did end up with over 37 mil shares of mjna somehow tho. The deal will probably be explained if SEC ever gets around to investigating it as nothing seems to add up, When I called both IR guys Chris at mjna and Stewart at Smallcapvoice a few weeks ago they both told me it was Terrasphere system technology that was being used on the 1000's of acres but the deal with terrasphere / pharmasphere disolved months ago yet mjna never had a PR about it disolving yet they still claim using similar technology. I posted about all this before but not many seemed to notice.

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    • #$%$, Inc. Uses Licensing Strategy To Expand Operations For PhytoSPHERE Systems, LLC
      Feb 26 2013, 07:20 | about: MJNA.PK, includes: FCLS.OB
      Disclosure: I am long MJNA.PK. (More...)

      The marijuana industry has significant growth potential as the industry undergoes its transformation to legalization. With these various forms of legalization occurring at the state levels, there are tremendous opportunities for profits to be made by marijuana focused companies. While there is a lot of progress being made at the state level, federal law is still barrier to entry for US corporations. But once again, the leadership at #$%$, Inc. (MJNA.PK) is using its licensing strategy to remove those barriers, and in doing so, will greatly expand its potential for accelerated growth for its PhytoSPHERE Systems, LLC subsidiary.

      #$%$, Inc., here after referred to by its stock symbol MJNA, is a portfolio company that is made up of 5 separate subsidiaries. I recently wrote about how through its Red Dice Holdings subsidiary, the use of licensing allows the company to legally tap into the market for THC without exposing the company to litigation risk. The article was titled "#$%$, Inc.: The Secrete to Legally Tapping into the Market for TCH". And now a similar strategy is going to be applied to PhytoSPHERE.

      The strategy was revealed in the CannaVEST Corp February 12, 2013 Form 8-K filing. The document revealed that MJNA will sell all of PhytoSPHERE's assets to CannaVEST in exchange for payments totaling $35,000,000.

    • With all the regulations , lack of financial cababilities offered to other industries, federally illegal (for now), and just an uphill battle, why would mjna take a chance of comprimising their plan to publisize it. Wait till the deal gets done and then explain why. Thr management is not stupid. They are a thriving company with many legal headwinds. Why show their hand until all the cards are dealt!

    • Hey shithole you are a Classic closet basher. Please go for a walk you pos.

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    • I dont read much into the SA articles but this new one has some POTENTIAL to be spot on. The same scenerio was brought up by some other posters and does make sense.That would make the Cannavest deal actually pretty clever. Trust me i'm always skeptical on SA whether they are positive or negative and NEVER invest from their input. Just sayin

    • I did not take this as bashing. I too have spoken with smallcapvoice and Stuart has told me that he has also asked the company to answer this question. There's a nice article from Perry Coleman on SA today addressing this issue but it would be best if MJNA does this. I'm confident they will address it soon, at least I hope they do. I'm long, holding, and looking forward to the positive announcements coming in March!!!

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    • "This is where the genius of the strategy comes in. With MJNA selling all the assets to CannaVEST and granting them license to the name, CannaVEST can farm hemp in the U.S. without exposing the MJNA corporate entity to the risk of federal prosecution. CannaVEST will now be able to produce and refine raw hemp as well as provide hemp oil obtained from foreign suppliers to the MJNA subsidiaries."

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Barry, I am looking for investors to buy a shell company, we will do a massavie reverse split so that only 50,000 shares are a float then we will issue 100,000,000 shares and set the price at $10 but we wont trade. Then we can go to bars and pick up women by telling them we are billionaires?

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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