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  • wallstreetvet80 wallstreetvet80 Mar 4, 2013 5:44 AM Flag

    Why DrStevens is merely a pumper

    Here's why:

    1) He claims to be long and strong, but has an interest in the short term outcome of the stock.

    2) He shamelessly ignores the risks of the stock and the fact that marijuana companies in Colorado are seeing a 40% decline in business. This is because of recreational growing and a lack of demand for expensive truffles and tinctures when real marijuana is now obtainable by the individual (as opposed to having to turn to a street dealer for laced weed).

    3) He labels discussion favoring a 'sell' on the stock as a bash, saying that the stock in the long term is a winner. And yet, he feels the need to keep a presence on the forum to help support a "community" of shareholders who are blind to the risks but faithful to DrStevens. Ultimately, they will be bagholders for DrStevens when he sells them his shares. AH HAH! You say DrStevens is not going to sell? Then why does he have interest in the short-term outcome of the price/share? Exactly.

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    • emiliojohn May 23, 2013 1:26 PM Flag

      Wall if you have money on a penny stock why not take a shot in Americas future sector possible??? 145k long sice nov This is a long term play it will go down but you bet it will go up imo The people who say sell come across as insincere, with remarks everyone is going to jail... WE NEED VISION! DO YOU HAVE THAT??

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    • Just stupid! This is how you spend your time? Childish!

    • Wow... so what you are saying is that someone who is 'long' but pays attention to the daily price of a stock must be a 'pumper?' ----

      1) Or maybe they just have a vested interest in the company that they have purchased and they may be looking to accumulate more shares and since this sector is in the news daily, it is hard not to be interested in the short term of this stock.

      2) You are missing the point and the big picture.... Forget about Colorado. A few other states are in the United States of America. You might want to grab a map and take a look.

      3) Most people on the board here that say 'sell' are bashing the stock and they are either trying to get cheap shares or they are short. After the last pps decline a lot of the bashers went away. Shocking, why did that happen?

    • There are bulls and bears both on this board all with agenda's some paid a salary some not.
      There is room for all as all's taken with grains of salt.

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    • Jerry,dude.Game over ,you are done on this board,two faced liar.And I believed in you!( never)

    • Good Morning Jerry i mean wallstvet80 i mean Jerry...

      lol sully

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