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  • rjfrank4 Mar 14, 2013 7:25 PM Flag

    People against MJNA

    Why are you even on here commenting bad things about the spectacular future of this company in the MMJ sector. Reseach has shown positive results of Medicinal Marijuana use and the Hemp Crop can help our economy. It's a no brainer. Try to bash it all you want but legislation and benefits of the crop far outweigh the negatives. ....Go MJNA!!!!!

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    • I am against the pumpers. The company paid shills who continue to mislead the general public.

    • And they are outnumbered on this board and mainstream society. Those against the industry are certainly in the minority, even with multiple screen names. MJNA is undervalued and bashers know it will snap back. Sadly they delude themselves that pumping OR bashing has little to no effect. Their best option is to buy in Mjna. As we have seen purchasing this stock has turned rude bashers with lies, innuendo, and animosity into kind individuals with real current research. I recommend Strong buy and Hold tightly!

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      • garysizemorejr Mar 14, 2013 8:35 PM Flag

        There are some bashers that bought into this at .42 cents, and watched it fall to .19. They sold for a big loss, and are now bashing as this stock goes back up. If they would've held on to it, I think they would've made a profit. But don't get scared when this stock falls, cause there have been and will be more negative articles on this stock, but if you hold out for the actual quarterly reports, I think we'll be pleasantly surprised! Bashers talk about moving stock around, but if you examine why they are trading oil for stock, you'll see this company is just positioning itself, by owning the whole pie! And, we, shareholders will be the beneficiary of these financial transactions. Just my 2 cents! B-)

      • I meant to say; " sadly they delude themselves that bashing OR pumping has an effect when it has little to no effect whatsoever" .

        Sorry, typing on a Ipod while watching; "The Big Bang Theory"

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