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  • matthewwinn Mar 17, 2013 10:10 AM Flag

    Bought in at .38 when people thought this was going back to .50.

    The SA article came out hours later that sent this stock to .19. I'm out tomorrow. Just too many outstanding shares. This isn't going anywhere but down . I'll keep an eye on this, but probably could buy back in next year around .20. I'm cutting my losses and dumping it in BBRY, the new Z10 will hit the U.S. market on March 28. I would rather gamble $8000 on that, than a "pipe dream". Before the bashers start to say something, keep in mind, I've never bashed this stock, just letting you all know what's up. Keep up the good work Sully..

    It was a fun ride, but that's all she was...

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    • Please sell your shares matt. I want you to have to buy back in higher in the future. Much higher! SA sent us to .19 you are rite, but look at us now at .30 and holding like a champ. You would be foolish to sell rite now imo, but to each his own. The MM thanks you kindly.

    • It's better to cut your losses now, than to continue to watch this sink. The market is headed for a correction, and the little companies will be hit the hardest. That's just ONE reason to get out now.

      People can say all they want about me and my posts about this company. Yet, the amount of people pumping this company with BS posts out numbers guys like myself 10 to 1.

      At least wait for this company to start making money or prove with the SEC that it's a viable company with competent leadership and actually making money. The only thing it's done so far is shift around and create outrageous amounts of outstanding shares. Not the sign of a well run company.

      When this industry does take off, and I believe it will. I'll get in. I just don't see this MJNA being there.

      Smart move.

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      • You sure do bash alot. Why do you post here constantly on a stock you don't own? I guess it's easier to just have a negative outlook on things. Especially if you are from some 3rd world shythole country like you. Why would anyone listen to you about this stock? You do relize your posts have no affect what so ever on anyone here rite? So get a life slovak, stop being so negative. You escaped that wasteland of a country you are from.... so escape from here now please.

        If this company sold snow or perogis, we may listen to what you have to say. Na Shredanu squid!

    • If youre already of thinking about getting out. You shouldnt have gotten in. You are not one of us.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Matt....don't sell now..let it ride at least back up to .38 where you bought it....IMO...

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • garysizemorejr Mar 17, 2013 11:57 AM Flag

      The SA article sent it to .19, and now it's back up to .30 two weeks later, and you don't think you ought to stick it out another month or 2 and see how high it will go? I'm still buying, so we'll pick up your shares.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy


    • Good luck matthew .. I am also in bbry @ $11.03 300k shares and think it is also a very good investment.. My opinion is both MJNA & BBRY are solid investments.. Be sure to keep this one on your radar especially around april 20 to 25 which is when 1st quarter earnings should come out...

      All the best


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Man even groupon would probably be a better choice than BBRY, especially since the CEO just got canned a little bit ago. It's a much better play as far as the charts go. JMHO!

      HAHAHAHA, I'm going to love eating up your shares monday man :)!

    • Sorry to say, but we wont be sad to see you leave. Shake all the loose hands who don't know what they are getting into!!! And good luck with you RIMM motion, as blackberry has upside now of maybe 200% tops, where as this sector the upside is limitless!!! If you really want to make a gamble make that play! I've been tracking BBRY/RIMM for a long time, and issued a buy to my friends at 8.53 in mid november. Bought in at 6.38 myself. All I have to say is if you cant handle 20% either way this place is no for you, though you have found that out! Really though RIMM, man you'd be better off buying Krispy Kream, Or Sand Storm Gold or something like that. I'd hate to see you loose 20% here, then go right and do the same thing in the tech sector!

    • epritch2 Mar 17, 2013 10:36 AM Flag

      Do what you want, but don't you think that's jumping ship a little soon? If you stick around through the next couple of quarterly reports, I'm sure you'll see .50 again and probably more. Your investment was beat down to .19, and has come back to .28 - .31 in a month or less. Give this company a little more time before you bail.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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