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  • drsteven51 drsteven51 Mar 25, 2013 10:20 PM Flag

    Washington’s first #$%$ dispensary prepares to open next month- April!

    Washington’s first #$%$ dispensary prepares to open next month

    Jeffrey MacMillan/JEFFREY MACMILLAN - Above, David Guard, general manager of Capital City Care, the District’s first licensed #$%$ dispensary. At left, signs offer legal warnings and the store’s no-returns policy.

    By Abha Bhattarai, Published: March 24

    Security cameras have been installed, scales calibrated and signs declaring “no returns” hung on the walls at Capital City Care.

    There’s just one thing missing before the District’s first #$%$ dispensary can open its doors: The marijuana itself.

    Washington’s first #$%$ dispensary prepares to open

    Abha Bhattarai MAR 24

    By April, Capital City Care plans to begin selling four strains of #$%$ from its 2,000-square-foot perch on North Capitol St.

    Joyce E. A. Russell MAR 24

    Plans include adding a row of sidewalk retail along Wilson Boulevard and building 306 residential units above the property.

    “It’s very high-grade, very pure, very potent marijuana,” said David Guard, co-founder and general manager. “But first, everything has to be triple-checked. We have a high level of security and an inordinate number of cameras.”

    The #$%$ is currently being grown in a separate building in Northeast Washington. District rules require that the plants be in the ground for at least 60 days before they are harvested, and each cultivation facility is limited to 95 plants at any given time.

    By mid-April, Capital City Care

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    • And you KNOW Dixie products will now be sold just blocks from the Whitehouse!
      At first the hemp oil line from Dixie Botanicals as all their products are legal in ALL 50 states and well received by dispensaries and customers.

      And then you know they will adding the Dixie Elixers line as they open a manufacturing plant there or interstate transport becomes allowed.

      Richard Branson at a recent visit with Obama in the White House jokingly asked Obama for a joint. He replied that he did not have any.
      Soon enough (this coming month!) Obama can send such inquires to the "dispensary down the street". :)

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